Local Media Buys: It’s Not All about the Ads

Establishing a collaborative relationship with the media can be a win-win for both parties. When Porter Novelli’s Ayanna Robinson reached out to radio stations for local media buys around the Quitter in You smoking cessation campaign, she wanted more than 30-second spots. “We know that radio stations are already engaged in the community,” says Robinson. “And they have a natural interest in engaging in an even deeper way. The issue of smoker cessation made it easy for radio to be part of the solution. Here are some tips from Robinson on getting the most out of local media buys:

• When you reach out to them with the buy, talk to them about a partnership, “not a one-way relationship,” says Robinson.

• Clearly communicate to them what you hope to accomplish with the campaign.

• Step back and let the creativity of media partners shine through. “They usually come up with better ideas than you will,” she says.

• Give the media a degree of freedom with your message, but be ready to step in if their ideas stray too far from your goals.

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