Jennifer Dulski
President and COO


Jennifer Dulski is the president and COO of She is an accomplished leader and visionary with more than 15 years of experience in both successful startups and big-brand Internet companies. An early Yahoo! employee, she rose in the ranks over her nine-year tenure to eventually lead one of the company's six business units, serving as group VP and general manager of local and commerce. 

In 2007, Jennifer left Yahoo! to become co-founder and CEO of The Dealmap, a mobile, location-based deals site that Google acquired in 2011, making Jennifer the first woman ever to sell a company to Google. She stayed at Google for nearly two years as a senior executive before coming to

Jennifer has a deep passion for making the world a better place, as evidenced by her early experience working in education nonprofits and her extensive board service now in the Bay Area. Jennifer's first job out of college was founding and running Summerbridge Pittsburgh (part of the Breakthrough Collaborative), a nonprofit organization that helps underserved middle school students get on a path to college. Her current community involvement includes chairing the board of the Silicon Valley site of The Breakthrough Collaborative and serving on the board of Little Passports.