Infographic: Have You Ever Heard of Google Helpouts?

The Internet has a reputation for being a dangerous place. Because of the inherent anonymity of the online world, its a haven for trolls, racists, identity thieves and other undesirables. For the public relations professional—especially the crisis manager— life was a bit easier pre-Web, when an errant comment or news of a mishandled situation spread at the speed of print and word-of-mouth, not optical fiber cable.

But it's not all bad. For all its problems, the Internet is an amazing repository of information and humanity's greatest-ever library. It allows for unprecedented connections between those in need of help and those willing to give it.

One service that builds on the use of the Internet as a place to find answers is Google Helpouts, which allows users to share expertise in real-time via live video on mobile devices or computers.

Take a look at the infographic below, which explains more about the history and uses of the service courtesy of DPFOC:

DPFOC IG Helpouts

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