How to Cut Through the Clutter on Google

Jeremy Rosenberg

Sure, creating killer content is essential for communicators looking to boost their brand’s awareness via Google. But there are nuances for how to shape the content so it caters to Google’s algorithm and generates better rankings because, let’s face it, if your brand doesn't end up in the top few rankings on Google, it’s a lost cause.

Jeremy Rosenberg, senior VP and head of digital at Allison + Partners, will explore these and other SEO issues at the “Creating Content That Gets Traction on Google” session during PR News’ Google Boot Camp, which takes place on July 15 at the Yale Club in New York City.

Here, Rosenberg touches on some of the Google-related topics that he will discuss at the conference.

PR News: What are the best ways to make sure your content gets good pickup on Google?

Jeremy Rosenberg: There are many factors for helping to ensure good pickup via Google search. Have a strategy for content distribution to reach your audience beyond publishing on your owned platform. While publishing to your own blog or website is the first and often the most time consuming and challenging step, it’s important to have a distribution strategy for getting that content linked by various reputable publishers, including traditional media influencers, bloggers and social influencers.

PR News: When crafting content for SEO/Google, what are the one or two things that PR pros should avoid at all costs? 

Rosenberg: Developing content to help provide more linkable content for Google can have many challenges. Be sure to follow appropriate copyright guidelines when creating/curating content across owned and shared platforms. Some clients may have little legal oversight of their communications, but you should still ensure that your recommendations don’t violate applicable laws. Properly licensing images and not using images found on Google in blog posts can be the easiest abuse to remedy.

PR News: What are the new approaches to crafting press releases that will gain traction on Google and cut through the clutter?

Rosenberg: Cutting through the clutter on Google is something every client and brand faces. Ultimately, don’t just create content that is stuffed with SEO keywords and loses the context and meaning of what your audience will actually care about. While it may provide an early boost on specific terms, the longer-term effect, of diluting your clients’ brands for adding value, may be harder to remedy.

Learn how to leverage Google at PR News' Google Boot Camp.

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