Quality Content Will Soon Be Elevated on Facebook’s News Feed

Facebook-IconFacebook is making some changes to its News Feed algorithm that aim to deliver “high-quality” content to users based on consumption behaviors.

Facebook’s goal with its soon-to-launch aggregator is to surface “better, smarter” content, according to The Verge. What that means is users will see more articles they are likely to click on. To do that, Facebook will begin filtering out memes, click bait and over-shared viral content.

It’s also important to note that Facebook will begin to aggressively promote more news articles to users. And shared articles will feature additional links to relevant stories, which in theory will provide even more bespoke content to users.

Facebook has not disclosed what it considers “high-quality” content, and the company hasn’t indicated that it will remove content that doesn’t fit the bill. However, it has said that low-quality links will show up less.

For now, it’s impossible to say exactly what the new algorithms will mean for brands and communicators. Still, there are a few things you should consider when it comes to sharing content on Facebook:

  • Be Relevant. Content should always have your audience in mind. Never stop asking: “What does my audience want to see or know?”
  • Be Informative. It’s called a News Feed for a reason, meaning you need to show or tell your audience something they didn’t know already.
  • Be Consistent. Whether it's your voice, posting frequency or message, your content should be recognizable to your users.

One final thing to remember: Your strategy for the impending changes shouldn't be about tricking or cheating the algorithm; it should be about delivering the best content to your audience.

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