2010 Digital PR Awards: Online Newsroom

Hilton Hotels & Resorts/Covalent Logic – Hilton Global Media Center

The creation of Hilton Worldwide, the result of a Hilton International/Hilton Hotels Corp. merger, spurred the need for a more international 24/7 news site. Hilton partnered with Covalent Logic to develop the Hilton Global Media Center (HGMC), which incorporates Google Translate, making it available in over 50 languages. Another amenity of the site is credential-free access to over 2,500 photos of Hilton properties worldwide. The site includes press releases, facts, news and “story starters.” After only a few months since launching the HGMC, Hilton has seen a 5% increase in positive media coverage.

Honorable Mentions:
SAP - SAPPHIRE NOW Online Newsroom
SAP's first social media event newsroom, SAPPHIRE NOW, promotes SAP's updates via "newsbytes," note to editors in news releases and word-of-mouth to media/bloggers. The newsroom has attracted 8,500 unique visitors, more than 20,000 visits and over 131,000 page views.

Synaptic Digital - adidas NEWS STREAM:

In order to kick up its presence on the Web, Adidas and Synaptic came up with an idea they could really, ahem, run with: Turning its press room into a media-rich, socially powered powerhouse where brand stewards could continuously promote the brand. The newly named News Stream already has 500-plus minutes of content, 211,429 page views and 6,600 downloads of multimedia assets.

Texas Instruments - Online News Center:
At the outset of 2009, the Texas Instruments News Team redesigned the online news center for the nearly 80-year old company. The team's objective was to create an interactive and informative, first-in-class online company news center that would provide all critical audiences company information and the ability to interact with the company like never before. The extremely user-friendly and interactive format has prompted use beyond expectations, and the team is receiving stellar reviews from internal and external users regarding the site's visual appeal, easy of use and capabilities.