15 to Watch (Agency): Andrew Ryan

Senior Account Executive, Hellerman Baretz Age: 25

At an age when most careers are beginning, Andrew Ryan has established himself as the consummate PR pro, providing superior services to Hellerman Baretz clients: policy makers, law firms, academics, hedge funds and a number of professional services organizations. In fact, leading client executives seek Richmond, Va.-based Ryan out for his expertise.

Cutting-Edge Clients

“Focusing on professional service firms, the most rewarding aspect of my job is promoting cutting-edge clients on key issues,” he says. “ I get to work with individuals and firms that are literally influencing and shaping public discourse and policy. “

Campaign Supreme

“A recent campaign was positioning key client attorneys as thought leaders on Justice Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court and her potential effect on the business community. The firm’s area of expertise, particularly in terms of its Supreme Court and appellate work, is business cases. During the Sotomayor confirmation process, I helped position key partners in the group on the confirmation process. The campaign resulted in dozens of high-level media hits.”

Big Changes

“While traditional media organizations are cutting staff at an alarming rate and reducing the frequency they publish, online media continues to explode. These outlets—from online newsletters to blogs—offer an array of possibilities and allow firms to speak directly with their clients or constituents.” â–