Three Steps to Improve Your Delivery

You can have the best message to deliver to the media but without the right cadence, tone and inflection, your delivery may fall flat. Following are three steps to streamline your delivery when speaking to the media:

Tape yourself:
Think about how many times you record and then re-record an outgoing message for your voicemail. It's usually never right on the first take. That's because you're hearing your voice in a new way. We all sound fine in our heads, but to truly hear how you sound to others, taping yourself is a must. Only then can you note where you need to improve the most.

Listen to the news:
On the radio or TV, tune in to how anchors deliver the news.  Anchors on TV are behind a desk without much use of their arms to gesture. Instead they need to rely more on vocal tools to convey information. On the radio, voice is king. Listen to how anchors on both mediums use their volume, pitch, cadence and inflection to tell you what's most important. It's a great way to hear how professionals make the most of their delivery. 

Catch yourself on the phone
: The next time you're talking on the phone pay attention to the way you're speaking. Notice how you tell your friend that funny story. Are you quiet and monotonous? Hear yourself telling your spouse exactly what you need at the grocery store. Do you gloss over all your words and not highlight any of them? We use vocal tools to convey our points each and every day. Apply the same principal when delivering your messages to make sure they're memorable.
These three tips were written by Amy Scarf Fond, media trainer for Cameron Communications, Inc. A larger version of this article is featured in the incoming PR News' Media Training Guidebook. Please check periodically for updates.