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Petco’s Dog Clipping Problem Could Cut Reputation to the Bone

The charges sound almost too crazy to believe, but even if there’s a sliver of truth to them, Petco should brace itself for a PR crisis. Two pet owners in Hawaii have sued Petco, alleging … | MORE »

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Have You Updated Your LinkedIn Profile Lately?

LinkedIn’s fourth-quarter results prove one thing: The fantasy of limiting your social media activities to just a couple of platforms is just that—a fantasy. On Feb. 9, LinkedIn announced that it had generated $167.7 million … | MORE »

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News Hooks, Sneak Peeks Prime PR Pump for Super Bowl Spots

Once upon a time, one week separated the NFC and AFC Conference championship games and the Super Bowl. There's nothing really in it for the fans to have to wait two weeks for big game, … | MORE »

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