PR News 2016 Diversity in PR Awards: Organization

Winner: Medical University of South Carolina

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is in a constant state of evolution and improvement, because the work it does is integral to the health and wellbeing of people. With that in mind, the organization made it imperative to incorporate diversity and inclusion as one of the pillars for MUSC’s Strategic Plan, Imagine 2020.

The purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan is to create an academic healthcare community where every member is respected and valued by leveraging differences in ways that allow people to understand and be understood. This document demonstrates and expresses MUSC’s commitment to the promise of a brighter future and greater opportunities for every member in the community. The plan creates a reasonable, ambitious, and imperative compilation of goals and strategies critical for developing long-term sustainable outcomes and gauging success.

Interprofessional working groups were convened to develop plans for addressing five areas for improvement: recruitment and pipeline development, education and training, engagement and inclusion, communication, community relations and outreach, and performance outcomes and metrics.

To support the measures of success, there has been an evaluation of existing data to understand MUSC’s climate for diversity and inclusion. Recommendations that support the goals of the areas of improvement and measurable milestones and attainable outcomes were developed. The results of this information will be maintained in a centralized, institution-wide repository of results on metrics related to diversity and inclusion goals and objectives.

To expand MUSC’s advancement of diversity beyond the organization, an external community Advisory Council was created. The Advisory Council advises the Board of Trustees and the President on matters related to: improving local communication with key stakeholders; and improving building new partnerships, which impact greater patient outcomes.

MUSC also implemented a Local Participation Plan for the Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Women’s Pavilion, which will significantly increase economic growth opportunities among minority and small business owners. Another initiative is the enhancement of K-12 recruitment and pipeline partnership programs that prepare STEM students for entry into healthcare professional schools.