PR News 2016 CSR Awards: Agency CSR A-List

G&S Business Communications

Too often, the humanity of corporate social responsibility (CSR) disappears under an avalanche of data and research—but not at G&S.

G&S helps clients infuse emotional intelligence into their science-based strategies to share the true impact of business responsibility on the communities they serve.

For example, Gibbs-rbb Strategic Communications, a joint venture of G&S and rbb, presented the inaugural Conscious Consumer Conference in Feb. 2015 to share insights with food communicators about the new breed of shoppers who care equally about a brand’s social values and its product features.

The event was kicked off with a keynote session on global food issues, featuring Ron Loch, G&S managing director, sustainabaility consulting, and principal of Gibbs-rbb; Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, president of the World Food Prize Foundation; and Dr. Puvan Selvanathan, head of food and agriculture, United Nations Global Compact.

Findings from the 6th annual G&S Sense & Sustainability Study showed that 40% of Americans say they are not well informed about how business can operate responsibly. Yet, consumers do consider environmental and social causes when making brand choices, with more Americans saying human rights (41%) or wildlife protection (33%) are “very influential” on their decisions in comparison to deforestation (25%) or climate change (24%).

Introduced in May 2015, G&S’ new diversity and inclusion initiative, Think Differently Together, focuses on enhancing organizational collaboration and the agency’s culture. By celebrating each employee and his or her relationships at work, G&S is able to bring about diverse ideas that ignite creativity, foster collaboration, enhance problem solving, and attract new talent.