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Group Editor, PR News: Matthew Schwartz is group editor of PR News, the leading source of trends, how-to content and best practices for PR professionals. Matthew leads the editorial strategy for PR News’ premium content products—including its weekly newsletter—and for its digital presence. Matthew was editor of PR News from 2003-2005. Prior to returning to PR News, Matthew was a reporter for Crain’s BtoB and Media Business magazines, where he covered business marketers and media companies. He was also editor of BMA Buzz, a biweekly email newsletter covering B2B marketing, advertising and social media, and contributing writer to Advertising Age Custom. Matthew has helped to launch blogs on behalf of ZoomInfo and direct marketing agency The Kern Organization. He also spent a few years in cable-news precincts, working as a writer/producer at CNN and Fox News Channel.

Is PR Really Any Good at Turning Big Data Into Action?

The transformative nature of big data and analytics—and how they impact PR and communications—took center stage Wednesday at the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit, hosted by Time Warner. | MORE »

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Here’s Why Facebook’s New Ad Network Accelerates a Trend That’s Transforming PR

The effort is designed to boost Facebook’s ad inventory and, at the same time, cater to mobile devices, in which there is less space to display ads. | MORE »

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PR Tips on Getting the Word Out Through a Visual Medium

Communicators and PR execs are starting to ramp up their efforts to get their messages out through Instagram and Pinterest. But it’s not easy, considering that both channels are relatively new to public relations, and are visual in nature. | MORE »

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Twitter Deal Puts Spotlight on Social Data Analytics

Another day, another deal on the social media front. The latest: Twitter has agreed to acquire data partner Gnip for an undisclosed price. The acquisition, which bring social data analytics in-house at Twitter, is designed … | MORE »

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3 Ways that Filing Taxes is a Lot Like Public Relations

It’s Tax Day today, when individual income tax returns are due to Uncle Sam. On a personal level, I’ve had my requisite sobbing about my tax hit and gotten a sympathetic nod from my accountant as he told me that, no, next year probably won’t be any better on my wallet. But then I got […] | MORE »

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3 Brands Winning the Battle for Views on YouTube

As YouTube starts to ramp up its branding strategy, the website remains the go-to marketing vehicle for companies and organizations eager to get their messages out via online video.  | MORE »

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One Day Google Glass Sale Could Get Smudged by Perception

On April 15 Google is giving consumers a chance to buy Google Glass for one day only. The tech giant is betting that people not only will shell out $1500 for Google Glass, but build buzz about the wearable technology. However, the product rollout could be marred by what may be a brewing crisis for Google. | MORE »

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Appealing to Millennials with a User-Generated Content Model

A new study shows that, for Millennials, user-generated content (UGC) is 20% more influential when it comes to purchasing and 35% more memorable than other types of media. | MORE »

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Mobile Stays at Center of the Communications Revolution as Twitter Buys an Android App

Hardly a day goes by without a big acquisition of a hot startup in the digital media world, and, most of the time, those acquisitions have a pretty significant potential or actual impact on how people communicate. | MORE »

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A Rutgers PR Fumble, at the Expense of a Newspaper, Underscores an Uncertain Time for Media

Sure, we now live a digital age, but we thought the expression, “Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel” was still apt for the latest PR debacle at Rutgers University: Rutgers University Athletic Director Julie Hermann saying to a journalism class, “That’d be great” about the prospect of The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger dying. PR pros can commence wincing. | MORE »

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