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Group Editor, PR News: Matthew Schwartz is group editor of PR News, the leading source of trends, how-to content and best practices for PR professionals. Matthew leads the editorial strategy for PR News’ premium content products—including its weekly newsletter—and for its digital presence. Matthew was editor of PR News from 2003-2005. Prior to returning to PR News, Matthew was a reporter for Crain’s BtoB and Media Business magazines, where he covered business marketers and media companies. He was also editor of BMA Buzz, a biweekly email newsletter covering B2B marketing, advertising and social media, and contributing writer to Advertising Age Custom. Matthew has helped to launch blogs on behalf of ZoomInfo and direct marketing agency The Kern Organization. He also spent a few years in cable-news precincts, working as a writer/producer at CNN and Fox News Channel.

Sesame Street Using Technology to Boost Literacy

This was inevitable, or long overdue depending on whom you ask: Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit producer of “Sesame Street,” and the children’s speech recognition company ToyTalk are joining forces to explore how to use conversational technology to teach preschool literacy. | MORE »

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Target’s ‘Halloween Hills’ Leverages Instagram to Engage Consumers

Breaking through the proverbial clutter online is one of the biggest challenges facing communicators. The challenge grows more acute when there’s a holiday that brands and organizations want to leverage to boost their visibility. With its new “Halloween Hills” experience, Target is killing two birds with one stone. | MORE »

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Embracing Social Media Shouldn’t Come at the Expense of Traditional PR

The PRSA’s 2014 international conference wraps up on Tuesday afternoon. PR News spoke with the association’s leadership to get a sense of the multiple challenges facing communicators and where the PR industry goes from here. | MORE »

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PRSA Conference Report: On the Importance of Auditing Your Social Media Objectives

If social media efforts are to flow to the top and bottom and lines, communicators first need to develop an auditing plan. | MORE »

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Who Are the Top Women in PR?

Women, of course, now dominate the PR field, but not necessarily in the executive suite, which continues to be run (for the most part) by men. | MORE »

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How to Get Your Message Out Via Instagram

Our social media babies are growing up. Instagram celebrates its fourth birthday Monday. With that in mind, here are several tips on how to communicate your brand’s identify via Instagram | MORE »

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Sensational Stories Will Get Shared—And Also Get You in Trouble

If you add a lot of hype or, worse, are lose with the truth in your communications (either written or spoken) it might result in getting your brand or organization some exposure. But what happens when the information is questioned and, ultimately, shown to be false or embellished? | MORE »

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Don’t Let Your Social Channels Stifle Opinion

How much do you listen to your constituents via social channels? Be honest. A recently released Pew report should worry communicators who are tasked with cultivating a dialogue with, customers, prospects and other stakeholders, particularly via social channels. Pegged to Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelations of widespread government surveillance of Americans’ phone and email records, the survey […] | MORE »

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3 Tips for Winning the Facebook News Feed Battle

It seems like a hardly a day goes by that Facebook isn’t making one change that impacts PR pros. One of the biggest changes that continue to have repercussions for communicators was back in March, when Facebook started to slash organic reach for brand pages. | MORE »

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#X Marks the Spot for AT&T Campaign Against Texting While Driving

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign demonstrates that—for brands that want to be associated with safety and sound thinking—a one-shot deal won’t suffice.  | MORE »

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