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Group Editor, PR News: Matthew Schwartz is group editor of PR News, the leading source of trends, how-to content and best practices for PR professionals. Matthew leads the editorial strategy for PR News’ premium content products—including its weekly newsletter—and for its digital presence. Matthew was editor of PR News from 2003-2005. Prior to returning to PR News, Matthew was a reporter for Crain’s BtoB and Media Business magazines, where he covered business marketers and media companies. He was also editor of BMA Buzz, a biweekly email newsletter covering B2B marketing, advertising and social media, and contributing writer to Advertising Age Custom. Matthew has helped to launch blogs on behalf of ZoomInfo and direct marketing agency The Kern Organization. He also spent a few years in cable-news precincts, working as a writer/producer at CNN and Fox News Channel.

3 PR Tips for Making the Most of Twitter

Communicators need to be careful with how they carry themselves on Twitter and make sure their presence on the social network 1) holds appeal for the media and b) reflects well on their own brand. | MORE »

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An Uber Exec’s Case Study in Bad PR

PR pros, take note: For most any corporate executive, going after his or her media critics is usually a no-win proposition. | MORE »

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Connecting Your Brand to the Comet Landing Shouldn’t Be Too Cosmic

As scientists cheer and the media celebrate, brand managers may consider the best way to get in on the action of the Philae landing. Buyer beware. | MORE »

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Is Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘I-Don’t-Participate’ Social Media Strategy For Real?

While we would not advise brands and organizations to avoid social media platforms altogether, Lawrence’s decision could inspire companies to be a bit more selective with the kind of content that they post on their social channels. | MORE »

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5 PR Tips for Writing Speeches That Are Sure to Engage the Audience

For PR execs—regardless of whether they work in public affairs—speechwriting and/or ghostwriting is an increasingly critical aspect of communications. | MORE »

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‘Painfully Awkward’ Rob Lowe Ad Draws Ire From Advocacy Group (and Earned Media)

Shy bladder sufferers are less than amused by a new ad in which “painfully awkward” Rob Lowe says that he can’t urinate in public. The International Paruresis Association wants the ad pulled. DirectTV says no go. Either way, the kerfuffle is another example of “earned” media generated by paid media. | MORE »

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It’s Election Day. Here’s What Communicators Can Learn About Media Relations From Politicians.

As Election Day 2014 kicks into high gear, PR pros should pay close attention to how the candidates present themselves as the results are tallied. | MORE »

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The PR Measurement 3-Tip Hat Trick

With myriad social channels and measurement tools now available, PR pros have to learn to be more discriminating in picking what to measure; otherwise they end up throwing good money after bad. | MORE »

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Shattering a Few Myths About How to Find the Influencers

William Goldman, the author and screenwriter (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President’s Men), famously said, “In Hollywood, no one knows anything.” You might say the same thing about the PR field, at least when it comes to so-called influencers. In his book “Everything is Obvious* Once You Know the Answers,”  (2011,Crown Business), […] | MORE »

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Taylor Swift Backlash Could Be a Case of No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

NYC and Co. should send thank-you notes to some of the New Yorkers who are now disparaging Swift as a spokesperson for New York City. | MORE »

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