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How to Be a Visual Storyteller on YouTube (and Get Found)

Crafting a successful video campaign can be a difficult endeavor that often falls flat. | MORE »

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What YouTube’s Subscriber Count Change Means to You

YouTube will be making some key changes on June 16 that could affect your channel’s subscriber count. Here is what it means to you. | MORE »

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4 Tips for Improving Brand Outreach on Google

Here are some methods you can employ to enhance your messaging and grow your audience on Google. | MORE »

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Live Fast & Furious, Die Young: Should Universal Use Paul Walker YouTube Videos to Drive Sales?

Paul Walker’s death in a fiery high-speed car crash raises some tough PR questions for Universal. Universal already had a “do as I say, not as I do” PSA starring Walker in the can. As of this morning, the PSA had only 16,593 views on YouTube. Should Universal promote that PSA harder? Make more Walker PSAs? | MORE »

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PR in 2023: What the Next Decade Holds in Store for Communicators

Ten years ago, the media world was a very different place. The Web was experiencing growing pains and social networks Facebook and YouTube were not yet in their infancy. In PR precincts there was more change in the last decade than probably the previous three decades. So what does the next ten years hold in store for communicators? | MORE »

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Owning a Key Topic On Social Media: Deploy A Three-Pronged Approach

In the social media world, the process of turning an individual into a so-called thought leader begins with “content.” Initially, this involves creating and posting blogs and comments on others’ blogs, but also includes creating and posting other written content, such as white papers, case studies, and eBooks. | MORE »

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Lessons for Communicators From Kmart’s Wildly Successful “Ship My Pants” Viral Video

Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” video may have offended some, but largely it built positive feelings and goodwill towards the brand. | MORE »

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