Digital PR Guidebook, Vol. 3


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Quick Overview

The PR News Digital PR Guidebook is ambitious, and we hope true to our mission of giving you the no-fluff insights and tactics that you can apply right away. We set out to cover the critical areas of digital communications and uncover for you the challenges, opportunities and real-world steps to help you drive your initiatives up smart, cost-effective avenues and around mind-twisting bends that change before your very eyes.

Chapters Include:
• Social Media: Leveraging Twitter, Facebook and Beyond
• Social Media: Training & Measurement
• SEO/SEM & Writing for the Web
• Leveraging Online Video
• Mobile PR
• Media Relations 2.0
• Reputation & Brand Management Online
• IR & Financial Communications 2.0
• Customer Relations Online
• Digital Public Affairs
• Crisis Communications
• Index of Companies and Organizations

Here at PR News, we are often asked, what's the next new thing? After MySpace and "macro" blogs it was Facebook, and that gave way to Twitter and now there's attention being paid on the PR front to geo-targeting and mobile apps. When will it ever end? It won't, and that is what makes digital communications so exciting for Public Relations. We are always blessed with outstanding contributors from all walks of the PR trade who share their best and next practices. This book is no exception. The PR News Digital PRGuidebook will answer a lot of questions and give you some new, fresh ideas.

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