2014 Rising PR Stars: Rebecca Kaufman

Rebecca Kaufman, Analyst, MasterCard

Starting only two years ago with MasterCard’s Worldwide Communications team, Rebecca Kaufman has become a critical player in executing the company’s aggressive social listening and engagement strategy. She joined with MasterCard in the wake of an audit that revealed that MasterCard was exposed to a global audience of 30 million people per week via social media. Thanks to Rebecca’s hard work, MasterCard content was engaged with 2 million times over the past year on social networks, with 136,000 people engaging in direct conversation over the past two quarters.

In her short tenure at MasterCard, Rebecca has become an invaluable member of the team, receiving several awards of recognition from various internal stakeholders for the work she has done in the digital space. One major contribution she has made was when Ron Garrow, MasterCard’s chief human resources officer, reached out for a reverse-mentor. Rebecca volunteered to help him learn more about how to use social media to become a better brand advocate. The unique professional relationship they developed resulted in earned coverage in the Wall Street Journal and Al Jazeera America.