15 to Watch (Agency): Paul Dyer

eMedia Director, WeissComm Group Age: 26

As leader of WeissComm’s social media practice, Paul Dyer weaves the elements of search, analytics and interactive advertising into seamless campaigns—a rare talent in a discipline seeking total campaign “integration.” This year the Austin, Texas-based Dyer developed and launched a social media monitoring and analytics program for Pfizer’s entire primary care portfolio.

Keeping Sharp

“My job is constantly changing and I learn something new every day,” he says. “For a person who earned beer money in college playing five video game characters simultaneously, I need that kind of stimulation.”

Targeted Effort

“I worked on a campaign to reach people who were 65-88 years old and already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Our medium to reach them was social media. Not your typical online audience, never mind being a highly specific group. In six months, however, we reached this patient population by identifying where their caregivers were engaged online—the people who were helping our target audience make decisions.”

The Best Fit

“The biggest challenge is helping companies understand how social media fits within their organization. Most often it is communications that takes the lead, but for our work to be successful it requires input and engagement from every other business unit.” â–