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How to Find and Engage the Right Influencers for Your Brand



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Learn how to cultivate relationships with the right influencers to get your messages in front of an engaged audience.

With the pool of full-time journalists steadily shrinking, PR pros, marketers and digital strategists are devoting more of their resources to influencer marketing. Bloggers, local celebrities, online advocates and industry experts that exert influence over their social followers have become indispensable additions to a communicator’s contact list.

Join PR News on June 29 and learn from these influencer marketing experts: Edelman's Becca McCuiston, who'll show you how to get your influencer marketing program started from square one; Ann Jane Draper and Emily Stafford from fashion designer and manufacturer Fossil, who will show you how they're "doing more with fewer resources" by leveraging influencers for Fossil's portfolio of 14 brands; Jacque Marianno of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, who'll show you how she's found success working with micro-influencers who don't necessarily have large numbers of followers; and Seth Marquart, who'll share the measurement system he used for his influencer program at IBM.


Using influencers isn’t just about latching on to the popularity of the latest YouTube or Snapchat star; it’s about aligning your brand messaging to an audience that’s fully engaged and ready to evangelize that messaging well beyond the influencer’s sphere of prominence. With social media exponentially expanding who we feel connected to—even if they’re on the other side of the planet—consumers are turning to influencers they trust to make purchasing decisions. It’s tricky, but brands can tap into this trend with the right approach. In this webinar you’ll hear from experts on how to cultivate relationships with the right influencers to get your messages in front of an engaged audience.

What You'll Learn

  • How to start an influencer program from square one
  • The needs of your influencers to create long-term business partnerships
  • How to use data to find the right influencers for your intended audience and to prove the ROI of your influencer marketing program
  • How to set up a measurement system that evaluates which messages and channels resonate
  • How to set up a multi-channel campaign with micro-influencers to increase efficiency
  • Elevating content above pay-to-post to stand out online
  • Scaling existing and new partnerships for long-term goals
  • How to use in-house experts and executives to build credibility through influencer content


Who Should Attend?

If you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas, you should attend this webcast:

  • Public Relations
  • Digital PR and Social Media
  • Community Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Communications
  • Video
  • Marketing Communications
  • Business Development
  • Public Affairs/Issues Management
  • Media Relations
  • SEO
  • Research and Analytics

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