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Entry Deadline: Dec. 5

Final Deadline: Dec. 12

Awards Luncheon: Spring 2015

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Get Recognized for Your Social Media Efforts!

You have followers, fans and likes, and people sharing your content, re-pinnning your photos and chiming in daily. What you don't have – yet – is a Social Media Icon Award to add gravitas and extra credibility to your social media activities.  Brought to you by PR News, the Social Media Icon Awards allow you to show off what you've done in the past 12 months and get recognized for all the hard work, interesting content and impressive results that you and your team have accomplished. And unlike much of social media, where your work disappears in the blink of an eye yet has curious lasting power on your brand, these PR News awards allow you to capture your most outstanding social media work and bask in the iconic glow of victory.

The Social Media Icon Awards are divided into platform categories: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and others.  If you're communicating on these platforms and have great results to share, enter and get recognized.  The awards also tip the hat to the social media superstars, so don't forget to enter your Social Media Team into this competition. Lastly, we are recognizing the products and services that fuel your great work, with a host of Technology categories.

In entering the awards, keep it simple. The best way to get recognized by the judges is to simplify your entry to the core of what makes it great. Show us examples, share the results and give us several reasons why you deserve to win. Consider it the virtual elevator pitch. 
Good luck. We look forward to honoring the icons of social media in spring 2014 at an awards luncheon. The Icons will also receive special editorial coverage and a Social Media Icon badge to use online and in marketing efforts.
-PR News Team

Questions? Contact Rachel Scharmann at




  • Best Survey/Poll – great questions, excellent response
  • Community/Engagement – how your fans feel about you
  • Contests/Games – making it fun, building engagement
  • Corporate-Community Partnership – leveraging partners to build brand, give back
  • Crisis Management Campaign – how you used Facebook during a crisis
  • Event – you held an event on Facebook and they came
  • Marketing Campaign – how you leveraged Facebook to build customer base and mindshare
  • Photography – consistent use of great visuals
  • PR campaign – how you used Facebook to build brand/reputation
  • Profile Page – how you look to your community
  • Social Good Campaign – leveraging Facebook to do good
  • Use of Video – moving words and pictures to activate your community


  • Best Tweet Content – your content is sticky with your tweeps
  • Best Use of Hashtags - #workedwell
  • Campaign to Increase Followers – savvy strategy boosted followers
  • Crisis Management Campaign – how Twitter helped mitigate or un-do damage
  • Customer Service via Twitter – why customers love you on Twitter
  • Funniest Tweets – you make them laugh
  • Growth spurt – show us how you've grown in followers over the past year
  • Marketing Campaign – well done marketing via Twitter
  • Most Engaged Followers – they retweet you like crazy
  • PR Campaign – how you leveraged Twitter for great PR
  • Profile page – you didn't underestimate this important page
  • Promoted Tweet Campaign – it worked, show us how
  • Social Good Campaign – you gave back, via Twitter


  • Best Brand Presence – you look great on Pinterest
  • Best Photo with high number of Repins/Likes – a picture's worth 1,000…
  • Community/Engagement – your fans love your Pinterest board
  • Ecommerce – proof that Pinterest leads to sales
  • Marketing Campaign – how you leveraged Pinterest to market your product/service
  • Most Creative Board – clever boards to increase re-pins and likes
  • New product launch campaign – Pinterest helped launched your product
  • PR Campaign – Pinterest as a great communications platform
  • Social Good Campaign – doing good, one pin at a time
  • Wow! Photo – this visual deserves an award


  • Best Company Profile Page  great first impressions
  • Best Content on a Company Page – you know what keeps your community engaged
  • Best Group – this birds-of-a-feather group flocks to you
  • Employee Communications – internally, LinkedIn's working for you
  • Marketing Campaign – leveraging LinkedIn to move your brand
  • Media Relations – you're a master at building media relationships via LinkedIn
  • Most Engaged Company Page – your community really likes your content
  • Most Engaged LinkedIn Group – groupies love your Group
  • PR Campaign – how you used LinkedIn for your PR
  • Recruiting Campaign – leveraging LinkedIn to find the best talent


  • Best Contest – this one worked really well
  • Best Photo – wow, great picture!
  • Best Use of a Photo – beyond just looks, this photo moved people
  • PR Campaign – leveraging Instagram to build your brand/reputation


  • Best Channel – excellent content, well curated
  • Individual Video – great content with high shareability factor
  • Marketing Campaign – how you leveraged YouTube to increase sales/traffic
  • PR Campaign – communicating your message via YouTube
  • Viral Campaign – this video took off like wildfire

Google +:

  • Branding Campaign – leveraging Google+ for your PR and marketing efforts
  • Circle Growth – boy, you've grown over the past year
  • Content/Thought Leadership – excellent content offerings for your community
  • Use of Hangouts – you hosted interesting events for your community

** And the Rest:

  • Best App – a shining example of what an app should be
  • Best Infographic – excellent display of content, information and aha moments
  • Corporate Blog – quality content that supports the corporate mission
  • Foursquare presence – you get geo
  • Individual Blog – well-written with voice and a point of view
  • Games – fun, social and impactful
  • Tumblr presence – you've built a great following with great content here


  • Influencer ID Tool – this tool accelerates ability to identify true influencers in your community
  • Innovative Product or Service – share with us a "wow" product that moves the social media needle
  • Reputation Management Service – this product saves face
  • Social Media Measurement/Analytics Tool – this tool or service boosts efficiency, tracks KPIs and improves campaign

Best Social Media Team:

Share with us what makes your social media team great.  List all team members who should be recognized and provide 5 examples of outstanding initiatives that moved the needle for your brand or organization via creative social strategy and tactics. Please include all team members' names and titles.



How To Enter 

Compiling Your Entry

The following information must be listed on your synopsis:

  • Category entered
  • Title of entry (as it would appear on your award)
  • Team members (on campaign)
  • Key contact for entry
  • Organization submitting entry
  • Budget (All budget information is strictly confidential and will not be published w/o expressed permission.)

Within your two-page synopsis (max 800-1200 words), please describe your campaign or PR initiative using the following subheadings:

  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Execution
  • Evaluation of Success/Results/ROI

Supporting materials should show evidence of the success of your work. It can be any of the following: sales figures, brand media coverage, clippings, photos, urls/web sites, research documents, and testimonials.

Who Should Enter?

The Social Media Icon Awards are open to all individuals and teams worldwide at for-profit and non-profit organizations including: corporations, PR firms, public affairs and IR agencies, publicity firms, associations, government, and NGO teams, and sole practitioners. Vendors are also eligible to compete, either in the Technology category or on behalf of clients.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, the campaign or PR initiative must have taken place (either in part or in full) between January 1, 2014, and December 5, 2014.  Some of the work must have occurred during this time, but it’s not necessary for it to be completed during the eligibility period.


Deadlines/Entry Fees 

Entry Deadline: December 5, 2014
Final Deadline: December 12, 2014

All entries must be final and paid for by Friday, December 12, 2014.
For entries finalized between December 6 and December 12, 2014, please add a $225 late fee per entry. Finalists will be notified in spring of 2015.

Entry Fees
The price of each primary entry is $350. If you submit the same entry in multiple categories, the additional fee is $225 per category. A late entry surcharge of $225 per entry will be added for entries submitted between December 6 and December 12, 2014. Payment in full must accompany the entry.

All entries are non-returnable and non-refundable.



How are the entries judged?
Entries are judged by a blue-chip panel of corporate, agency, nonprofit and academic executives, as well as by the staff of PR News. We evaluate your entry based on creativity, innovation, sound planning implementation and results. Our most important criterion is proven success in aligning your strategic objectives with your end goals.

Who is eligible to win an award?
Any communications team or individual – corporate, agency, association, governmental agency or nonprofit – of any size is eligible to enter the Social Media Icon Awards Program.

Where and when will the reception be held?
The winners and honorable mentions will receive their Social Media Icon Awards in spring 2015 during an awards luncheon.

How do I increase my chances of winning an award?
Emphasize the goals of your campaign, as well as your campaign’s achievements in your synopsis. Provide as many concrete and specific examples of success as possible, and explain clearly and succinctly your research, planning, implementation and measurement of the campaign.

When will I be notified about the status of my entry?
You will be contacted by PR News staff regarding the status of your entry online if you are named a finalist in the awards program. Finalists are notified 30-60 days in advance of the Social Media Icon Awards ceremony.

Must we include our campaign budget?
It’s not a requirement, but it helps the judges to better compare your campaign against other entries. Include at least a reasonable budget range. The judges always take into account the campaign budget relative to the goals and outcome. All information is confidential and will not be published.

What is your tax ID number?

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Contact & Sponsorship Information

For questions regarding PR News' Social Media Icon Awards, contact Marketing Coordinator Rachel Scharmann at; 301-354-1713. For sponsorship information, contact SVP & Group Publisher Diane Schwartz at; 212-621-4964.