Entry Deadline: July 20

PR News’ just-launched Healthcare Communications Awards celebrate the technical and scientific expertise, creativity and human touch that every successful healthcare communications team and individual professional embodies.

Healthcare communicators span multiple industry sectors and organizational types: hospital systems; agencies, healthcare equipment manufacturers and service providers; pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences companies; health insurers; researchers; and nonprofit organizations. Yet the communicators who work across these sectors share much in common: regulations that affect the style and modes of communications, target audiences in need of strong communities, the need to reach people with accurate and timely information and the increasing challenges of sending messages that cut through the noise.

Healthcare Communications Awards winners set industry benchmarks for excellence across all areas of healthcare communications. All U.S.-based and international agencies, corporations, nonprofits/associations, vendors and government organizations worldwide are eligible to enter. Winners will be celebrated on October 22, 2018, which is the day before the Healthcare Social Media Summit in Baltimore, Maryland. 



This category recognizes the design and functionality of a healthcare communications app as well the popularity of the app for the target audience (ie, reaching a measurable goals such as number of downloads).


Recognizing an outstanding, influential healthcare-related blog or online journal written by a representative of the organization with the goal of espousing the brand or a certain brand message, with measurable results.


Recognizing a highly effective campaign in which a healthcare brand is enthusiastically received by its target audiences, where the essence of the product or purpose of the company is effectively conveyed via the brand campaign.

C-Suite Engagement on Social Media

For proven success at social media engagement by C-suite executives, doctors, scientists and other healthcare experts.

Cause-Related Marketing

This category comprises campaigns whose primary focus is promoting a healthcare cause, but which may also include promotion of your product and/or services and the advancement of your reputation as a corporate citizen.

Community Relations

Community relations campaigns are those that target the communities in which your organization works. A broad range of campaigns fit into this category: anything from persuading a community to accept a new recycling system to promoting a holiday drive that benefits those members of the community who are in need.

Content Marketing

Recognizing owned content that shines a positive light on your healthcare organization, a key issue and/or supports a multimedia campaign. Enter one piece of sponsored content or a series and show us how your storytelling resonated with your key stakeholders.

Crisis Management

Communications surrounding any crisis, from product recalls to executive malfeasance to social media gaffes.


Recognizes an eletter with a regular frequency that meets measurable goals for open rates, engagement and positive sentiment.

Employee Relations

This category recognizes outstanding communications to your most important stakeholders—your organization’s employees. Any PR campaign actively targeting the workforce is eligible.

Event Marketing

Event marketing entries should include PR conducted at healthcare industry event (a marketing communications effort conducted at an industry trade show, for example) or through an event or series of events conceived and implemented by your organization (for instance, a multi-city tour promoting a product or awareness of an issue).

External Publication (print or online)

Any publication produced for stakeholders outside your organization is eligible for entry in this category. Please include the publication, a synopsis and pertinent information.

Facebook Communications

Communications campaigns either developed specifically for Facebook, or campaigns that include a strong Facebook component will be considered. Entrants should demonstrate objectives, execution and results that are specific to Facebook.

Facebook Groups

Closed groups on Facebook that have succeeded at building positive patient or customer experiences.

Healthcare Communications Professional of the Year

This award goes to a healthcare communications professional driving exceptional communications initiatives at their organization and beyond. All levels and job titles are eligible for this program. Must emphasize initiatives and successes over the past 12 months.

Healthcare Communications Team of the Year

List all team members who should be recognized and provide 5 examples of outstanding initiatives that moved the needle for your brand or organization in the past year.

Healthcare Communications Vendor of the Year

Recognizes on outstanding technology provider that meets the needs of in-house and agency healthcare communications teams.

Influencer Communications

Recognizes success at identifying healthcare influencers for a particular campaign or ongoing initiative, and mobilizing them to connect positively with a brand or organization.


Either one infographic or a series of infographics that features original research or information and that reaches measurable goals for digital reach and third-party coverage.

Instagram Campaign

Communications campaigns either developed specifically for Instagram, or campaigns that include a strong Instagram component will be considered. Entrants should demonstrate objectives, execution and results that are specific to Instagram.

Integrated Marketing Campaign

A healthcare communications campaign that crosses the silos that typically divide PR, marketing, sales, content marketing.

Internal Publication (print or online)

Entrants in this category should be publications targeted at your internal employee stakeholders. Hard copy and electronic publications are eligible; please include hard copies of the publication with your entry.

LinkedIn Communications

A communications campaign executed on LinkedIn to drive engagement or action, or to build community.

Live Streaming

Either one live stream or an organization’s overall use of live streaming apps will be considered. Entrants should include clear organizational objectives for live streaming, specific measurement tactics and PR used to build an audience for live streaming.


This category recognizes the most creative and effective use of metrics, whether front-end research to develop the best-targeted campaign, or back-end monitoring of outcomes resulting from your PR outputs. We look for creative applications of measurement and effective results stemming from the use of your research.

Media Event

Media events are those events, from press conferences to media tours, which are built around in-person interaction between your company and the press. Entries should exhibit creativity in planning and implementing the event, drawing the media to it and engaging them at the event

Media Relations

This category recognizes an overall healthcare communications campaign whose primary objective was to win fair or favorable media coverage of a healthcare organization. These campaigns may include individual components eligible in other categories (like media event), but are representative of a complete campaign using a variety of tactics to reach the press.

On a Shoestring Campaign

Recognizing outstanding examples of achieving success with limited funds/budget, whether it's for a single campaign or ongoing PR/public affairs. While shoestring is subjective, the winners in this category are those who have done more with less, and have been creative with the limited PR dollars they have.

Online Consumer and Patient Experience

This category is for superior and personalized consumer or healthcare patient service on digital channels.

Online Newsroom

Recognizing effective online platform for media and other influencers to access information and intelligence about your organization or client; demonstrates ease of use for members of the media, influencers, bloggers; frequent updates; integration of social media channels; easily visible contact links for media to request interviews and more information

Press Release

We're looking for the best-written healthcare-related press releases employing the effective storytelling techniques, leveraging multimedia where applicable and resulting in a return on investment. Will be judged on measurement results and ROI.

Product Launch

Entries in this category should focus on the PR efforts surrounding the launch of a new healthcare product or service.

Twitter Campaign

Communications campaigns either developed specifically for Twitter, or campaigns that include a strong Twitter component will be considered. Entrants should demonstrate objectives, execution and results that are specific to Twitter.

Video Program

Best use of a video or moving image campaign to get your healthcare-related message across. We'll consider the customization and depth of an effort and ROI.

WOW! Award

Enter your most innovative, out of the box PR or marketing healthcare communications campaign. We’re looking for clearly original communications ideas. Run-of-the mill campaigns won’t make the cut.

YouTube Channel

Entrants should be able to demonstrate a high degree of engagement with either one YouTube video or with a YouTube channel. Show clear organizational goals for a specific YouTube video or a series of videos, as well as analytics showing those goals had been reached. Quality of videos is less important than meeting organizational goals with videos.

Entry Guidelines

Entry Deadline

July 20

Late Deadline

July 27

All entries must be submitted by July 27, 2018. Finalists will be announced in August 2018.

Who's Eligible

If you work at a hospital system; healthcare equipment manufacturer and service provider; pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences company; health insurer; researcher and nonprofit organization, then you are eligible to enter the Healthcare Communications Awards. To be eligible, the campaigns you are highlighting must have taken place (either in part or in full) between January 1, 2017, and July 13, 2018. Some of the work must have occurred during this time, but it's not necessary for it to be completed during the eligibility period. This program is open to organizations worldwide.

Entry Fees

The price of each entry is $425. For entries submitted between July 20 and July 27, 2018, there will be a $275 late fee added per entry.

Payment in full must accompany the entry. All entries are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Respondents are not required to answer all questions to be considered (except where indicated), but we encourage you to provide as much information as possible so that we can evaluate each submission fairly and accurately.


Entries are judged by a blue-chip panel of PR executives, as well as by the staff of PR News. We evaluate your entry based in the criteria listed here.
PR News’ Awards Coordinator will notify honorees in August 2018. The individual that enters the submission will be notified.
Winners will be celebrated during an awards luncheon on October 22, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland.


Submission Questions

For questions about the Healthcare Communications Awards, contact:

Mary Lou French

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