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PR News Advisory Board

  • Paul Argenti - Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
  • Ned Barnett - Barnett Marketing Communications
  • Mary Buhay - Gibbs & Soell
  • Neal Cohen - APCO
  • Carol Cone - Edelman
  • Peter Debreceny - Gagen McDonald
  • Chris Hammond - Wells Fargo
  • Mike Herman - Communication Sciences
  • Larry Parnell - George Washington University
  • Mike Paul - MGP & Associates PR
  • Deborah Radman - Senior PR Consultant
  • Brenda Siler - Best Communication Strategies
  • Helene Solomon - Solomon McCown
  • Mark Weiner - PRIME Research
  • Mary Wong - Office Depot

PR News Board of Contributors

  • Dave Armon - Context Optional
  • Andy Gilman - CommCore Consulting
  • Bruce Jeffries-Fox - Jeffries-Fox Associates
  • Angela Jeffrey - VMS
  • Richard Laermer - RLM Public Relations
  • Richard Levick - Levick Strategic Comms
  • Ian Lipner - Lewis PR/YoungPRpros
  • Tom Martin - College of Charleston
  • Katie Paine - KDPaine & Partners
  • Rodger Roeser - The Eisen Agency
  • Lou Thompson - Kalorama Partners
  • Reid Walker - T-Mobile

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