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The 2022 Agency Elite Top 100 is almost here—and in anticipation of its arrival, we’re bringing you a sneak peek at the most impactful campaigns, top case studies, and the biggest lessons learned from the most innovative PR and Communications Firms in the business. Find out if you’re walking the walk on inclusive messaging, hear about Budweiser’s big change, and listen in as industry leaders in crisis communications share secrets of the trade. We’ll see you there!


  1. 1:00 pm - 1:05 pm


    • Erika Bradbury

      Erika Bradbury

      Editorial Director
  2. 1:05 pm - 1:45 pm

    DEI: Ensuring Your Messaging is Truly Inclusive

    It’s easy enough for organizations to claim they are working toward more diverse and inclusive measures, both internally and externally. Yet when it comes to walking the walk, not all brands have managed to put these claims to use. In this conversation, panelists will share best practices and pitfalls to avoid when embracing inclusive messaging.

    • Rebecca Honeyman

      Rebecca Honeyman

      Co-Founder and Managing Partner
      SourceCode Communications
    • Brianne Pins

      Brianne Pins

      Vice President of Public Relations
      Cashmere Agency
    • Erika Bradbury

      Erika Bradbury

      Editorial Director
    • Elle Arlook

      Elle Arlook

      Equity & Justice Practice Lead
      APCO Worldwide
  3. 1:50 pm - 2:05 pm

    Case Study: Budweiser’s Bigger Picture

    Budweiser’s decision to sit out the Super Bowl for the first time in 37 years and instead redirect media dollars to COVID-19 vaccine awareness and education was a message of hope that resonated with media and consumers at a time when America was hesitant about getting vaccinated. Learn how the campaign came together.

    • Lisa Rosenberg

      Lisa Rosenberg

      Partner + President, Consumer Brands
  4. 2:10 pm - 2:25 pm

    Case Study: AIMM #SeeALL

    Recognizing a lack of diversity in the 2020 Emmy nominees, Kaplow aligned this disparity with the AIMM (Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing) #SeeALL campaign. To incite a movement around the campaign’s anniversary, the team developed a campaign to reach Hollywood, advertisers and consumers, which was launched on Emmys night. This case study will highlight the impact of the work.

    • Randi Liodice

      Randi Liodice

      President and Chief Strategy Officer
      Kaplow Communications
  5. 2:30 pm - 2:45 pm


  6. 2:45 pm - 3:00 pm

    Case Study: MusicFirst Coalition

    While the music industry has changed dramatically over the past decade, U.S. copyright law was not keeping up. Due to a loophole in federal copyright law, music creators who recorded songs before 1972 were not compensated for their work on streaming and satellite platforms. For more than thirty years music creators went without pay for their work. This campaign’s goal was to convince Congress to right this injustice. Through the musicFIRST coalition, Seven Letter ran a public affairs campaign to build a groundswell of support this position, and helped secure unanimous passage of this legislation. This case study will highlight the importance of bringing stakeholders together to create concise messaging and equip activists with the right tools.


    • Trevor Francis

      Trevor Francis

      Founding Partner
      Seven Letter
  7. 3:05 pm - 3:35 pm

    Crisis Communications: The First 24 Hours

    Word comes down from the C-Suite: Your company is in a PR crisis. You quickly download the crisis plan and alert members of your communication team. Next, you call your contact at the crisis agency you’ve retained. But what’s your next move? In this discussion, find out what to do to make your agency’s entrance into the crisis as efficient as possible, what holding statements are needed and whether or how to increase the pace of your social media monitoring.

    • Ken Fields

      Ken Fields

      SVP and Senior Partner
    • Ben LaBolt

      Ben LaBolt

      Bully Pulpit Interactive
  8. 3:40 pm - 3:55 pm

    Case Study: Center for Humane Technology

    The social media business model has polarized the nation. With last year’s release of the documentary “The Social Dilemma,” Bryson Gillette set out to elevate the Center for Humane Technology's message, driving a cultural awakening around the impacts of social media on democracy and our daily lives. Learn how the team worked with the Center for Humane Technology and its founder to shape the public conversation about technology’s role in society. 

    • Bill Burton

      Bill Burton

      Founder and President
      Bryson Gillette
  9. 4:00 pm - 4:15 pm

    Case Study: Jane Walker

    Johnnie Walker unveiled the first-ever female iteration of its Striding Man logo by introducing Jane Walker, a special-edition Black Label blend. HUNTER was tasked to communicate this not just as simple logo change, but as a symbol of social progress. The team partnered Jane Walker with organizations that champion women’s causes and activated at cultural events to align the brand with activists and celebrities. Learn how, in 2020, the team celebrated a year of  achievements of women and enabled others on the road to firsts by partnering with women-owned business funding marketplace, IFundWomen. 

    • Dominic Benigno

      Dominic Benigno

      Senior Wine + Spirits Strategist
  10. 4:15 pm - 4:45 pm

    Agency Elite Top 100 Revealed

    PRNEWS' annual editorial roster of the most innovative PR and communications firms in the business will be unveiled. Stick around to see who made the list — and find your next PR partner. 



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