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Evan Kraus

APCO has always been on the cutting edge of our industry, and it's because our teams are curious and always looking to learn what's new. PRNEWS has been a great tool for our staff to stay up to date on trends and a fantastic resource to continue to learn and grow.

President and Managing Director of Operations

APCO Worldwide

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Mike Soltys

How many business emails do you look forward to receiving? I'm always happy to see PRNEWS pop up in my inbox. PRNEWS consistently provides tactical advice that helps me stay ahead in a field that changes rapidly.

Vice President, Corporate Communications


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Jackie Jags

I am grateful for my PRNEWS subscription because it helps me stay apprised of the latest case studies from others in the industry. I also really appreciate when a PRNEWS writer analyzes a current crisis or situation as it is unfolding.

External Communications, Marketing

Chick-fil-A, Inc.

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Catherine Blades

PRNEWS truly has its finger on the pulse of our industry. It's always an interesting and insightful read. I don't miss an issue!

Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications


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Scott Tennant

PRNEWS is the only industry publication I read, because it's honestly the only publication I really need to read. The staff at PRNEWS understands the modern PR landscape as well as anyone, and as a result I take away something practical and helpful from virtually every article.

Director of Communications


Bill Imada-image

Bill Imada

PRNEWS is filled with the most relevant public relations information available in today’s rapidly-changing news environment. Since I am on the road weekly, I bring copies of PRNEWS with me wherever I go. The detailed stories, communication strategies, case studies and commentaries give me a competitive edge as I travel the world. I rely on PRNEWS and so do my staff. It is an exceptional tool and resource for PR professionals.


IW Group, Inc.

Janice Maiman

PRNEWS is one of the most reliable and valuable sources of insights on current best practices in the PR profession. Whether it is summaries of current research, case studies or interviews with practitioners sharing intelligence on what works, and doesn’t, in today’s complex communications environment, PRNEWS consistently delivers.

CAE, Sr. VP, Communications & Media Channels


Christine Barney

PRNEWS is an invaluable asset to communications professionals because it provides in-depth information and analysis. Its articles are commonly the center of discussion among our staff. We appreciate PRNEWS' wide range of coverage, attention to detail and cutting edge reporting and feel that it does a great service in improving the public relations profession.


RBB Public Relations

Janet Tyler

All members of our staff – from agency executive and management teams to our newest professionals – recognize PRNEWS Pro as a go-to resource for comprehensive news and fresh, critical perspectives on the job we do every day. PRNEWS is an outlet that truly covers all the bases.


Airfoil Public Relations

Angela Jeffrey

PRNEWS is one of the few industry publications I consider mandatory reading because it is always full of timely, rich information and critical thinking. I appreciate that PRNEWS contributors are usually senior leaders in the field who boil complex information down into usable how-to's. I also think PRNEWS puts on the best conferences in the industry, bar none!

APR, Founder

Angela Jeffrey & Associates

Molly Stieber

D+P has subscribed to PRNEWS Pro for years. When a new issue arrives via pdf, it is circulated to the office and is a great feature. We often post PRNEWS articles to our social media pages along with commentary. We are happy subscribers!

Account Executive

Devine + Partners

Mark Friedlander

PRNEWS is my ‘go-to’  source for gaining invaluable knowledge about the latest trends and best practices which helps us enhance our organization’s corporate communications function.

Head of Corporate Communications

The Main Street America Group