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About: is a digital asset management, distribution and communications platform for PR, marketing and ops teams that is simple to use, secure, affordable, branded and fully trackable.

Entertainment companies of any size (and their PR companies) can create, manage and distribute publicity, sales and marketing content to colleagues, partners, clients and journalists anywhere in the world.

Securely manage and share your content with your contacts, create sales packs and private screening rooms, manage all your exclusives and media announcements in one place.

Publicitymedia makes previewing and moving full-quality video and image files as easy as sending an email - and you can track in real time exactly who has accessed your releases and downloaded your content.

Use to grow your business, supply-chain and media networks, improve communications, work smarter and reduce operating costs.


  1. All good content needs to be Useful, Revealing or Entertaining. 
    And ideally, all three. If it isn’t at least one of these, it probably isn’t great content. Take your finger off the post button.
  2. Technology can do anything and therefore technology is irrelevant.
    Only the experience matters - is it as good as it can be? Are we up there with the best that's out there, and not just the best in our sector or category?