Adrianna Giuliani

Toni Jones
Social Media Manager
U-Haul International

Toni Jones is social media manager for U-Haul International, Inc., where she leads a team of social media professionals dedicated to Making Moving Easier for U-Haul customers. Toni overseas all U-Haul social media initiatives including content development, customer support, marketing and analytics. Toni’s unique background in process design, statistical analysis, project management and documentation has aided her successful implementation of a social media strategy that has quadrupled social media referral traffic to in less than a year. She develops and maintains guidelines and training on social media for team members and affiliates across the U.S. and Canada.

Outside of her professional life, Toni’s social media activities include being part of Yelp’s “Elite” group of online reviewers—a position that demands tasting many dishes and attending various events to support local businesses.