Adrianna Giuliani

Adrianna Giuliani
SVP, Creative & Strategic Planner

Adrianna Giuliani serves as a SVP, creative & strategic planner at DeVries, leading the agency's planning function. In this role she collaborates with account teams to develop programs that challenge conventional thinking and connect to contemporary culture. She is fascinated by how social media has changed from a reflection of how we communicate to a catalyst that shapes how people and companies relate to the world around them.

During her career Adrianna has worked on a range of lifestyle brands including Pantene, Olay, Sam Adams, Absolut Vodka, Malibu Rum, Cadbury Adams, Weight Watchers and Frito-Lay to drive strategy and programming. In addition to strategy, Adrianna specializes in 360 degree planning and trend-spotting and has given client talks and presentations on everything from generational differences in the workplace to what brands can learn from Lady Gaga.

Outside of her day job she writes a blog called Techromance that examines the intersection of dating and technology and has done guest columns on this subject for College Candy, College Crush and Michelin Restaurant guides.