Web Video Platforms Give PETA Something to Chew On

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has a storied history of going to extreme and creative measures to make a point—that animals are people too … or something like that.  PETA members are hardcore about being animal friendly and, whether you lead a veggie lifestyle or not, you have to admit: They can turn one pie in the face into front-page news.
This week, Anna Wintour had cause for celebration: PETA members shifted their attention to two other fur-wearing villains, making Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen their victims du jour.  But the weapon of choice doesn’t have a cream filling; this time; PETA turned to Web video to admonish the tiny twins for wearing … well, animals.
Visit PETA’s Web site and you’ll have the chance to “Dress Up the Trollsens.” The freshly dubbed Hairy Kate and Trashley (animal lovers are so creative, aren’t they?) begin the game naked, and players can dress them in bloody animal remnants.  As are most PETA strategies, it’s a juvenile ploy at getting ink—but it worked.  And, just as it did when Barbie contracted lead poisoning after a nighttime romp with Ken, Web video spread the good word.
As for the Trollsen game, it just goes to show you that there is an audience for everything; it’s just a matter of finding them.  And as for me, playing cyber dress-up on PETA’s Web site while eating a roast beef sandwich was delicious.