This is the Edge You Need to Get Ahead

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone is tuned out, looking down at her phone and nodding her head occasionally to give the impression, however false, that she agrees with what a colleague just said? And has that someone been you?

Come on, we’ve all done it – we show up for a meeting but don’t really Show Up. We have a half-hour business call and all we have to show for it are doodles on our memo pad and a few purchases on Amazon. You show up but you aren’t really there. You can spot it in others around you. Not showing up drags down productivity, creativity and collaboration.

Communicators, in particular, need to understand the practice and importance of showing up. It is the edge that will place you far ahead of your peers.

When you don’t show up you risk losing your authenticity, and sometimes the trust your stakeholders have in you and your brand. When showing up, you are putting your best self forward. You are all in, whether it’s working on a project, attending a lunch with a new client, leading a meeting, listening to your colleagues, writing a report, a press release or an important email.

If you’re not going to be there, don’t show up. If you are committed to showing up in all senses of the word then you are ready to listen, positioned to take action and committed to the people around you.

Imagine if everyone on your team, including you, Showed Up all week. You would notice the change and reset your compass. As the wise doctor Seuss noted: “Oh, the places you’ll go!”

Diane Schwartz