Random Footnote: Fear of Flying

According to New York Magazine, Hillary Clinton’s communications director, Howard Wolfson, is afraid of flying–so much so, in fact, that he drives from state to state along the campaign trail to avoid boarding an aircraft. (The article alleges that he hasn’t flown on a plane since 1999, and that plane happened to be Air Force One.) How he manages to show up to key events on time is beyond me, but it’s interesting evidence that you really can communicate to anyone from anywhere about anything these days.

By Courtney Barnes

  • Menisa Marshall

    How interesting to know that a person with such a high-profile, fast-paced job is afraid of flying, yet still manages to get done what he needs to get done. Makes me feel a bit less ridiculous and incompetent about my own FOF. I do fly — when I really must — but it’s a white knuckle affair that leaves me feeling emotionally drained and embarrassed that I can’t seem to do what millions of people do everyday without a second thought.