After writing an article for PR News about how to use LinkedIn as an effective business tool, I realized that I was a hypocrite—I was espousing the value of a robust profile, but my own was skeletal at best.  So, I followed my own advice and rounded it out with past experience, information about my… Continued

Starbucks Made Me Feel Fat

April 14th, 2008 by

As previously mentioned, I am a Starbucks junkie.  A few moments ago, I returned from my afternoon iced-coffee run at my regular outpost, where I was completely devastated to learn that the lemon pound cake I frequently purchase has 500 calories.  Five. Hundred. Calories. Obviously, I know that Starbucks’ fresh baked goods are neither fresh… Continued

So, as recent blog posts have indicated, I’ve traveled A LOT in the past two weeks, which put me directly in the midst of the current airline image crisis.  I managed to escape the blips, but just barely—I landed in London on British Airways exactly one day before the Terminal 5 screw-up, and I flew… Continued

Mike Moran, product manager at IBM, is in the midst of his keynote, and he just made a comment that should make PR professionals everywhere smile: “This [digital communications] is a sea change for marketers. The Internet is the place where everyone at every moment is deciding what they want to be interested in. You… Continued

Go Forth and Optimize

April 8th, 2008 by

I’m just now finishing lunch and listening to Mike Moran of IBM give a keynote speech, but I think the more interesting conversation actually took place directly next to me a moment ago. I was talking to Amy Dean, president of Dean Public Relations, about what’s going on in public relations due to the digitization… Continued

Just a quick note based on a keynote speech by Duncan Wardle, VP, Global PR, Disney Parks: “We all have employees.  Some [companies] have tens of thousands of them–but we don’t use them. The future of communications will be letting all employees blog.” By Courtney Barnes

The session with Charlie Rose and Howard Rubenstein is ending, and (in my opinion), this was a highlight from a PR perspective: Rubenstein asked Rose what he thought of the state of ethics in PR, and Rose responded bluntly that “It is an issue.” “We are your advocates here,” he continued, referring to the media.… Continued

Hello and good morning … I am on the last leg of my (current) world tour–San Francisco, for the Bulldog Media Relations Summit, from which I will be blogging to give updates and interesting stories as they happen (I’m currently listening to Charlie Rose and Howard Rubenstein). However, more on that later–I just wanted to… Continued

Honestly, I’m beginning to think that Wal-Mart might as well throw in the towel and change its smiley yellow happy face logo into something a bit more cynical—or, at the least, abandon all hopes of ever getting good PR.  And this is not coming from a supporter of the retail behemoth—I’ve been quick to criticize… Continued