Holiday Gift Guide: The Best way to Spread Love this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly and merry and giving, etc., and PR firms are going all out to spread holiday love (read: remind customers and journalists about their organization). So, as the holiday cards and gifts pour in, it’s a good time to step back and reflect on which investments are worth the money and effort this season, and those that just collect dust on recipients’ desks.
Consider this list of commonly sent/received gifts:

Holiday cards: While senders’ hearts are in the right place, the form holiday card doesn’t do much in the way of reinforcing your brand – especially when the message inside just says “Happy Holidays from _____” in bold-faced type. It doesn’t suggest any time or effort, and the stock photos of mistletoe and snowy pastures aren’t really worth saving.
So what’s a good alternative? I recently received a card from the folks at The Neibart Group that displayed a cute comic strip on the front. Titled “Frosty the Spokesman,” it was a playful spin on PR catch phrases (sustainability, white space, etc.) and winter themes. Clearly, the execs at the firm put time and effort into personalizing the message, and it was well received (so much so, in fact, that it inspired the idea for this blog post).
Another way to set your holiday card apart from the pack is to bring your staff into the production. I still remember the card I received from Peppercom last year where the staffs’ faces were superimposed on a fun illustration. That card had an unusually long shelf life on my cubicle wall – it was only recently taken down after a very belated spring-cleaning.

Wreathes/flowers: Sending some sort of vegetation is always a lovely gesture and, at the very least, it represents a bigger financial investment on the part of the sender. The only downside is returning to the office after the holiday break and finding the plant’s wilted remains all over your desk. Apparently poinsettias and wreathes need water, too.

Wine: Good call. Very good call.

Anything edible: Again, you can’t go wrong when you send anything that can be consumed. Cookies, fruit baskets, chocolate—any way you cut it, that gift will be appreciated

  • Tom Tuohy

    All great ideas. Here is another – make a contribution to a worthy social or charitable cause that is meaningful to your loved one and do it in their name!

  • Rich Williams

    You might want to consider a gift from a company that you support based on their ideas/concept/business approach. We send a basket of cookies to clients and key editors from Dancing Deer ( The company is very socially responsible and the cookies are organic.

  • Chris Bechtel

    iPressroom ( sends email to save on trees and instead of sending lavish gift baskets and gifts (many large companies do not allow gifts from vendors), iPressroom donates money to one of its favorite charities, “Make a Wish Foundation”. Here is a link to their holiday programs:

  • Mike Smith

    Call me ‘old fashioned’ but I like sending a real, paper Holiday Card. I sent 200 of them after scanning in 350 biz cards of folks I had met this year alone. Hey, better than these electronic “greetings” flooding my inbox. Now THAT requires no time or effort!

    So, for holiday gifts, I did a Harry & David tower of treats. Yum. No complaints from my clients on that gift of appreciation. We also give out LOTS of Starbuck’s stuff (coffee, cocoa, edibles) to caffeinate our friends and colleagues.

  • Mike Rush

    Tired of the typical, hum-drum office holiday card? In the interest of saving paper (and having a little fun in the process), one creative Boston PR company has gone entirely digital with their annual holiday greeting. Check out “The Office – 360PR Style” at:

    The video runs just two minutes, doesn’t require any download and, in the spirit of the season, we’ll make a donation for every view to The Home for Little Wanderers and The Women’s Lunch Place, two organizations making a difference during the holidays and all year long.

  • Cathie Briggette

    Because we are an IT Consulting & Support Services firm we wanted to do something different for our holiday card. It was an electronic card but we used it to display our greetings and to show our web creativity. After about 5 seconds the eCard turns into a web game that allows you to use frosty the snowman to kill viruses.

    Try it out: