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PR News Group Subscription Plan

Your Blueprint to a Successful Public Relations Team
PR News is an indispensable resource of strategies, tactics and insights for your entire PR team. Our plan offers discount pricing and custom services to meet your needs and stay within your budget, and allows all members of your organization to get their own copy of PR News as soon as it is released.
Group Subscriptions and Site Licenses offer the following:
  • The ability to post issues on a corporate intranet.
  • Significant savings discounts off single subscription rate.
  • Ends routing lists and keeps you in compliance with copyright law.
  • Electronic delivery of PR News on same day as publication.
  • Entire team can take advantage of the online article archives at, including a searchable database of articles and case studies from 1996 to present.
Each week PR News delivers:
  • Crisis management and avoidance strategies.
  • Measurement strategies for all areas of communications.
  • Benchmarks, metrics and stats that will help drive your organization’s bottom line.
  • Media training tactics.
  • Strategies for executing effective Corporate Social Responsibility programs.
  • Media Relations — beyond just pitching stories.
  • Integrating PR with marketing and advertising.
Money Back Guarantee: 
If you are ever dissatisfied with your subscription, you may cancel at any time and receive a refund for all undelivered issues.

"PR News provides information and ideas in a practical format not found in traditional newsletter, newspaper or magazine formats. I need both."

Gerald Schwartz
G.S. Schwartz & Co. Inc.

"Concise, timely and informative. PR News strikes an impressive balance of packing helpful information for young professionals as well as powerful insights for the veteran communicator. It is truly the American Express card for the PR industry. You can’t leave home – or the office – without it."

Richard S. Levick, Esq.
President & CEO
Levick Strategic Communications