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In this 2nd edition of PRNEWS’ Media Relations Guidebook, over sixty articles explain how best to pitch, build relationships with, and manage the media in both good times and during crises. This 8-chapter resource contains practical implications for some of the most innovative developments in media relations, including the technologies, methodologies and mannerisms that determine the ecosystem in which PR pros practice this essential part of their craft.

Our contributing writers to this Media Relations Guidebook run the gamut of this industry sector. Each author brings insight to his or her subject from roles as agency advisors, corporate practitioners, marketing communications executives and academics.

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Public relations professionals who engage with the media most effectively have mastered the messaging and the communications tools needed to deliver stories that advance the objectives of their clients. While much in the industry has changed, the imperative of communicating with the media has not.

As the landscape evolves, there are no easy answers to the overarching challenge of how to get a story effectively distributed to the media. Social media has changed everything, shaking the very foundations that time-tested media relations strategies were built on and changing even the basic definition of media players.

Today, PR professionals face questions that they have only recently begun to grapple with. Do press releases matter anymore? Do bloggers count as influencers? Can we take citizen journalism seriously? How can we best use social media to reach different outlets?

Now more than ever, the savvy PR professional has tools at his/her disposal to come up with new ways to disseminate information quickly and intelligently, securing that all-important coverage along the way. That’s not to say that old-school methods don’t apply anymore. Instead, a major focus of the industry—and this book—is to take those hard-earned lessons about the media and apply them to the new situations PR professionals face today.


  • Join the National Conversation by Understanding How Top Journalists Work By Christopher Rieck
  • The ‘Did-You-Get-My-Email?’ Phone Call to Reporters Has Little Ring Left By PR News Editors
  • The Five R’s of Media Relations: Becoming a Better Resource By Glenn Gillen
  • Changes in Media Landscape Force Agencies to Rethink Client Relationships By PR News Editors
  • Brand Journalism: How to Turn Your Media Relations Office into a Newsroom By Lisa Arledge Powell
  • To Become More than a Media Relations Shop, PR Needs to Work with Marketing By Tara Chiarell
  • PR Teams Build Internal Newsrooms as Communications Strategies Shift By PR News Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • How to Manage Key Media Relationships in the Age of Social Media and Mobile By Zaheer Nooruddin
  • Build a Perfect Media List: Old School Tips for Modern Communications Success By Valerie Kulbersh
  • Improve Your Industry Reputation by Building Empathy-Based Relationships By Melissa Rothermel Biernacinski
  • Low Profile: It’s All About Relationships Even When You Don’t Want to Have One By Kimberly A. Kasitz
  • Partnerships Extend Your Reach and Push Your Message Further By Jennifer Donovan
  • Relationship Building Yields Rewards That Are Well Worth the Investment By Nancy Marshall
  • Win Your Clients’ Attention with Powerful Relationships and Remarkable Content By Barbra Bannon
  • In a Digital World, Stay Connected to and Become a Resource for People—in Person By Stesha Kaprice Mays
  • Practice Makes Perfect: A Guide to Beneficial Business Relationships By Carrie DeVries
  • Close Chapter
  • Securing Coverage Takes Smart Storytelling and Careful Follow Up By Kelly Kass
  • When Pitching the Local Media, Aim for Brian Williams but Don’t Forget Ron Burgundy By Amanda Subler
  • Targeting and Pitching the Media in the Information Age Is All in the Approach By Allie Gray Freeland
  • Going to ‘the Dark Side’: An Ex-Journalist Sheds Light on Securing Media Coverage By Danielle Henbest
  • Tips for Newcomers: How to Effectively Secure Coverage and Prepare a Client By Arthur Solomon
  • Practicing the Art of Securing News Time to Gain Valuable Minutes of TV Coverage By Sharon Bournes
  • ‘Real World’ Meetings Matter—Build the Relationship First and the Coverage Will Follow By Meredith Pratt
  • Focus on Research, Writing and Your ‘So What’ Factor to Deliver Media Coverage By Sabrina Kidwai
  • Get Your Press Release Turned into an Article by Crafting an Engaging Message By Kristi Kellogg
  • Understand the Newsroom and Be Precise with Your Pitch to Get Your Client on TV By Anna Keeve
  • Better Pitch Targeting Can Bring Stronger, More Qualitative Results for Clients By Donald P. Mazzella
  • Close Chapter
  • Building and Cultivating Relationships with the Media Through Social Networks By Scott Willyerd
  • The Grind: Building Relationships Over Coffee and a 140-Character Message By Lauren Boston
  • Start Your Social Strategy by Breaking Up with Outdated Marketing Methods By Andrea Schlapia
  • Practicing Proper Etiquette on Twitter: We’re All Equal—And Equally Responsible By Michael Parker
  • Putting the ‘Social’ in Social Media: Networking with Your Audience By Cathy McPhillips
  • Lessons from Improv Comedy Can Help Inform Your Communications Strategy By Danielia Donohue
  • Digital Storytelling Platforms Breathe Life Into Your Press Releases By Melony Shemberger
  • Close Chapter
  • Who Really Owns the Message? PR in the World of Integrated Marketing By Eric Blinderman
  • Wheeling and Dealing: Minneapolis Bike-Share Program Inspires Tourists, Residents By PR News Editors
  • How to Survive Ambush Interviews and Deliver Your Message with Style and Grace By Jennifer Miller
  • 5 Reasons to Incorporate Live Programs Into Your Media Relations Strategy By George F. Snell III
  • Start to Really Think Like a Journalist So You Can Better Connect with One By Christina Gillham
  • When Writing Bylined Articles, Try Not to Sabotage the Subject Matter Expert By Derek LaVallee
  • Building a Start-to-Finish (and Successful) Plan for Your Next Major Announcement By Gena Fiegel
  • The ‘Breathing Brain’: Improve Message-Based Outcomes with Cognitive Science By Elizabeth Robinson Edwards
  • Using Comedy to Communicate Corporate Messages Leads to Personal Connections By Tim Washer
  • Helping Reporters Tie a Nationwide Crisis to a ‘Neighbor Next Door’ Hunger Program By Durée Ross
  • Your Client, the Media Darling: Managing the Message When the Media Calls By Marisa Avallone Sharkey
  • Close Chapter
  • Bond with Executive Spokespeople and Gain Momentum for an Interview By Andrew Gilman
  • Don’t Let a Testy Interview Devolve Into a Debate About Your Brand By PR News Editors
  • Who Is Talking for Your Company and How Are They Differentiating Your Brand? By Ford Kanzler
  • Training Your Employees Is the First Step in Using Social Media to Your Advantage By Autumn Truong
  • Turning a Reluctant Boss into an Outstanding Media Communicator By Mark Bernheimer
  • Fresh Approaches to Media Training Offer C-Level Executives Better Results By PR News Editors
  • Media Training Your Clients for Interviews Needs to Focus on Both Print and Video By Mark Veverka
  • Close Chapter
  • Goal Setting, Transparency and Replicability Are Keys to Measurement By K.C. Brown
  • Don’t Wonder about Your ROI from Online PR—Track It to the Penny By Scott Buresh and Kylene Cepeda
  • Thinking Beyond Click-through Metrics: Measuring Conversation in a Campaign By Natasha Netschay Davies
  • Close Chapter
  • Managing Stakeholders During a Crisis Starts with Proper Media Communication By Robert S. Fleming
  • When Crisis Strikes, Rules Change: Why Media Relations Is Never Enough By Terence Fane-Saunders
  • The Modern Art of Apologizing Requires the Right Message, Platform and Timing By Karen Friedman
  • When It Hits the Fan: Speed, Coordination Are Needed to Manage Viral Crises By Haley Hebert
  • University of Central Florida Averts Campus Shooting, Shapes Its Own Story By Grant J. Heston and Courtney Gilmartin
  • The Blank Flag: How to Choose the Right Communication Strategy in a Crisis By Kornél Bőhm
  • A Lesson in Crisis Communications and Transparency from Sub-Saharan Africa By Dane Kiambi
  • 5 Simple, Must-Have Steps for Creating a Strong Crisis Communications Plan By Gwen Murphy
  • Close Chapter

Featured Companies

This guidebook features case studies and contributions from companies like:

Media Relations Guidebook Featured Company
Media Relations Guidebook Featured Company
Media Relations Guidebook Featured Company
Media Relations Guidebook Featured Company
Media Relations Guidebook Featured Company
Media Relations Guidebook Featured Company


Here’s a sample of some of the exclusive content in this guidebook:

Media Relations Guidebook Sample Article

A sample article: Join the National Conversation by Understanding How Top Journalists Work By Christopher Rieck

Media Relations Guidebook Sample Article

An excerpt from Practicing Proper Etiquette on Twitter: We’re All Equal—And Equally Responsible By Michael Parker

Media Relations Guidebook Sample Article

An excerpt from Thinking Beyond Click-through Metrics: Measuring Conversation in a Campaign By Natasha Netschay Davies

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