How To Write, Pitch and Place Bylined Articles

While the contributed article has been a part of PR outreach for decades, another related practice has stolen its thunder: It’s what we like to call the “sports car” communication—self publishing. PR professionals, particularly those in the technology sector, have become giddy with the ease of self-publishing white papers and other material online. Jump in the self-publishing sports car, and drive it anywhere you want!

Therefore, communicators have neglected the practice of contributing articles to outside, established publications. Whether you call them pubs, e-zines or blogs, they are the “public transportation” of the communications world. Why use public transportation when you can do it yourself? Because your customers are still taking public transportation, and it’s a mode of travel you shouldn’t ignore.

Unfortunately, many in PR have forgotten about this ripe opportunity.


Contributed articles feed the booming demand for content-based communications—providing the information customers want before they engage with a brand or business.


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