How an Agency and its Partner Convinced Social Media to #GetNaked

Here's a mini-case study from an ongoing campaign that will show you how to cut through the clutter. 

With melanoma diagnoses reaching nearly epidemic levels, the Melanoma Research Foundation teamed up with JPA Health Communications in an effort to confront this public health issue head on.

To reach young adults—who are experiencing a dramatic rise in incidence rates of melanoma—the partners came up with the provocative tagline, “Get Naked. It may save your life,” and developed a comprehensive digital campaign around the hashtag #GetNaked.

With eye-opening imagery and cheeky messaging in hand, the partners set out on social media to relay the importance of regular skin screenings to the digital public.

When most people consider how to prevent skin cancer, they usually only think about sunscreen or staying in the shade. However, research has shown that patients rather than doctors catch most melanomas, making regular skin screenings critical in catching skin cancer early. And with the survival rate of an early diagnosis being as high as 90 percent, the partners knew there was more at stake than the Melanoma Research Foundation’s brand recognition.

Under the pressure of a short deadline, the partners quickly set up a landing page for the campaign on, complete with important health information and ready-made images for supporters to use as their Facebook and Twitter profile pictures.

With the help of a carefully planned and executed teaser campaign that lead up to the full-scale effort, the partners’ message quickly spread across the digital realm, effectively convincing social media to #GetNaked for a good cause.

As a result of all their work, #GetNaked dominated the melanoma and skin cancer conversation across the social media spectrum. The campaign saw enormous play around the web as users shared messages and changed their avatars in support of melanoma awareness. The #GetNaked page has been shared over 20,000 times on Facebook, the Melanoma Research Foundation’s Facebook page increase by over 1,000 likes and their Twitter following grew by over 500 followers in a month. To top it all off, the partners received a 2015 PR News Nonprofit PR Award for their mastery of the social media campaign.

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