David Woolwine
Director of Reputation Leadership
Allstate Insurance

David Woolwine is the director of reputation leadership at Allstate Insurance. He is responsible for developing and executing the reputation leadership strategy for the company. For the past four years he has conducted a biannual study of Allstate’s reputation with key internal and external stakeholders. This proprietary research is the basis for the corporate reputation strategy. He is also responsible for the Corporate Relations Program Management Office, employee education, communication and finance areas.

David recently completed his 26th year with Allstate and has had diverse career working in many areas of the company including operations, sales, service and most recently corporate relations.

David recently published an article, “Allstate’s Three-Pronged Measurement System,” in the sixth edition of PR News’ PR Measurement Guidebook detailing how Allstate puts reputation and stakeholder research into action. He is also frequent speaker on PR measurement and stakeholder engagement.