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Be sure to order your copy of the PRNEWS’ Book of Crisis Management Strategies & Tactics. In this updated 9th Edition, you’ll get the lessons-learned from case studies on how recent crises were handled by specific companies, including the dos and don’ts, as well as takeaways that will ensure your organization is prepared should a crisis situation come your way.

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A crisis situation can cause disastrous consequences, including irreversible image problems, loss of value to shareholders, revenue hit and much more.

This important update to the 9th edition of PRNEWS’ Book of Crisis Management Strategies & Tactics has the information you need to take that proactive step in “training for ill.” You’ll learn about developing a successful crisis plan and putting together an agile team that can respond to any eventuality, as well as media messaging and managing social media during crisis … and beyond.

The guidebook's authors, who come from agencies, nonprofits, corporations and universities, also offer case studies aplenty. This new edition brings you an inside view on Facebook’s Russia problem, the Equifax hack, and the #MeToo movement to name a few of the many case studies in this edition — offered to help you learn from misfortune elsewhere before it strikes closer to home.

Be sure to get your hands on the specific takeaways, checklists and step-by-step guides in this edition to give you a solid framework to build your own resilient and flexible crisis plan.


  • How to Respond When Media Covers Your Crisis Without Contacting You By Mike Rosen
  • Rip Up Your PR Textbook: How to Get Real (and Be Effective) in a Crisis By Jennifer Hellman
  • ESPN Layoffs: A Lesson in Owning the Narrative to Soothe Your Audience By PRNEWS Editors
  • 5 Ways to Build Relationships With Media Before a Crisis Hits (Instead of During) By Carreen Winters
  • Ryan Lochte, Rio de Janiero and the 3 F’s of Crisis Communications By PRNEWS Editors
  • Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose and the New Face of Crisis PR By Andrew Blum
  • 3 Reasons Why Crisis PR Faces a Crisis By Eric Dezenhall
  • What Brand Communicators Need to know About Cybersecurity By Anna Keeve
  • Close Chapter
  • Mistaking M&A Mountains for Molehills: Communicating Through Complexity By Mandy Arnold
  • H.O.T. Communications: A Crisis Prevention Balm to Soothe Stakeholders By Brad Ross
  • Best Practices for Managing Internal Stakeholders in a Hotel Industry Crisis By Michelle Jamieson
  • 5 Steps to Protect Brands From Employees’ Controversial Politics By Pia Singh
  • Close Chapter
  • How to Use Social Listening to Determine When and How to Respond to Crises By Daniella Peting
  • How PR Pros Combat the Growing Threat of Weaponized Social Media By Richard Levick
  • 3 Tiers of a Social Media Crisis (and How to Manage Each One of Them) By Katie Goodale
  • Navigating the Two-Way Social Media Superhighway in Times of Crisis By Robert S. Fleming
  • Questions to Determine Whether New or Established Sites Should Be Used in Crisis By Stacey L. Knott
  • How to Use Social for a Crisis… Before a Crisis Actually Hits By PRNEWS Editors
  • Southwest’s Communications Chief Shares Her Top 3 Crisis Management Tips By PRNEWS Editors
  • How Brands Should Respond to Negative Online Reviews Appropriately By Mark Lange
  • MillerCoors’ CCO on What Makes Large Brands Vulnerable to Crises By PRNEWS Editors
  • How Large and Small Brands Monitor to Prepare for Social Media Crises By Phil Watson
  • How Walmart Uses Numbers and a Human Touch to Define Social Crises By PRNEWS Editors
  • What ESPN’s Suspension of Jemele Hill Meant for Your Social Media Guidelines By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • Say What? Words and Phrases to Avoid in Crisis Communication Messages By Melony Shemberger
  • The 5 Cs: A Path to Delivering Reputation-Protecting Messages in Crisis Situations By Jeff Leshay
  • Trump and Pence on 60 Minutes—a Cautionary Tale for PR Spokespeople By PRNEWS Editors
  • Surge in Uber Crises ‘Lyfted’ by Kalanick Tongue-Lashing—How to Recover? By PRNEWS Editors
  • United Airlines, in Tone-Deaf Response, Doubles Down on Policy By PRNEWS Editors
  • Colin Kaepernick & 6 Tips for Spokespeople Who Make Controversial Statements By Hinda Mitchell
  • PR Takeaway From Melania Trump’s RNC Speech: Vet All Speeches for Plagiarism By PR News Editors
  • 6 Ways to Turn a Rogue Spokesperson Into Your Greatest Media Asset By Casey Delperdang
  • Close Chapter
  • Crisis Strategies From the National Security Council for an Era of Increasing Vulnerability By Brett Bruen
  • 7 Steps to Surviving Any Crisis by Identifying Roles, Stakeholders and More By Jock Breitwieser
  • Crisis Mapping: Empowering Crisis Management Teams With Visual Guides By Peter Stanton
  • Your Brand’s DNA Influences Your Crisis Response: Do You Need to Evolve to Survive? By John Melingagio
  • Doing the Math: Speed + Strategy = Crisis Communications Success By Scott Rainone
  • SPAR: Make Your Crisis Communication Team Ready to Respond in 4 Steps By Dianne Anderson
  • Why Simple, Approved Messaging Is So Important During a Crisis By Kevin Stickney
  • Reputations at Risk: What Steps to Take When ‘Recall Fatigue’ Sets In By Mike Good
  • 4 Tactics Communicators Can Use to Counter Fake News and Establish Truth By Joseph Truncale
  • How to Plan for Every Crisis You Can Anticipate, and Why You Should Now By Ned Barnett
  • 3 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Crisis Counterattack By John Roderick
  • Rapid-Response Tactics for When the News Is Bad and Getting Worse By PR News Editors
  • How to Respond to Incidents That Aren’t Yet, But Might Become, Crises By PRNEWS Editors
  • How to Use a Content Plan During a Crisis to Control the Negativity and Thrive By Taral Patel
  • 5 Ways to Build a Flameproof Crisis Team That Can Handle Any Eventuality By PRNEWS Editors
  • How Your Brand Should Plan for the Possibility of a Fake News Attack By Kristina Libby
  • Study These Digital Crisis Plan Examplesto Reposition a Brand for Success By Darius Fisher
  • Close Chapter
  • How Lessons From a Prison Break Can Help You Navigate Complex Crises By Jeff Hallock
  • Helping Individuals Dealing With Crisis Is Different From Brands—Here’s How By Andrew Blum
  • How a Department of Transportation Responded to a Canyon Rock Fall By Tracy Trulove
  • How to Use Teamwork and Technology to Effectively Manage a Crisis Situation By Dana Berchman & Jennifer Alvarez
  • Navigating a Crisis in a Turbulent Industry That Has Been Rocked by Legal Issues By Eric Hollreiser
  • #SeaportShipwreck: Potential Crisis Turned Positive Story With International Reach By Ashley McCown
  • Better Understand Organizational Trust Through a Consumer’s Perspective By Christie Kleinmann
  • Wells Fargo Did Well Pushing Good Stories, Yet Overall Theme Lacked During Crisis By PR News Editors
  • A Lingering Crisis: How Chipotle’s E. Coli Crisis Haunted Its Reputation By PR News Editors
  • 3 Steps to Help Brands Manage and Move Beyond a Devastating Crisis By Rich Masters
  • Crisis Lessons From Down Under: Ardent Leisure’s Theme Park Tragedy By PR News Editors
  • 6 PR Lessons From the British Airways Shutdown and Its Aftermath By PR News Editors
  • IKEA Shows Deft Timing in Deflecting the Negative With the Lighthearted By PR News Editors
  • Wells Fargo Ad Campaign Mocks Artistic Pursuits—and PR Gallops to the Rescue By PR News Editors
  • Illuminating Crisis Communications Lessons From the 2016 Campaign Trail By Caitlin Rourk
  • 5 Things Every Company Can Learn From the Panama Papers Scandal By Evan Nierman
  • 3 PR Lessons From the Redskins’ Firing of General Manager McCloughan By Craig Colgan
  • Lessons From Samsung’s PR Fiasco: 6 Tips to Protect Your Reputation By Yvonne Maher
  • A Tale of Two Apologies: Colbert’s Authenticity Works, Fyre’s Hype Fails By Katie Paine
  • Prep Schools Not Prepped for Sexual Crises: Ego Trips Up Exeter & St. Paul’s By Katie Paine
  • The Social Order: Uber and PewDiePie Illustrate Society’s Influence on Crisis By Katie Paine
  • Report Card: How 9 Brands Handled Being in Trump’s Crosshairs on Twitter By Katie Paine
  • Navy, Marines Take Two Paths on Crisis: One Clearly Comes Out On Top By Katie Paine
  • Facebook’s Russia About-Face Was Costly; So Was Equifax’s Crisis Avoidance By Katie Paine
  • Close Chapter

Featured Companies

This guidebook features case studies and contributions from companies like:

Crisis Management Guidebook Featured Company
Crisis Management Guidebook Featured Company
Crisis Management Guidebook Featured Company
Crisis Management Guidebook Featured Company
Crisis Management Guidebook Featured Company
Crisis Management Guidebook Featured Company


Here’s a sample of some of the exclusive content in this guidebook:

Crisis Management Guidebook Sample Article

A sample article: Samsung’s PR Fiasco: 6 Tips to Protect Your Reputation By Yvonne Maher

Crisis Management Guidebook Sample Article

An excerpt from 7 Steps to Surviving Any Crisis by Identifying Roles, Stakeholders and More By Jock Breitwieser

Crisis Management Guidebook Sample Article

An excerpt from Best Practices for Managing Internal Stakeholders in a Hotel Industry Crisis By Michelle Jamieson

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