2017 Top Women in PR

Maureen Davenport

Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer

Fannie Mae

Maureen Davenport is a strategic leader and trusted advisor to colleagues and executives. She is a change agent who challenges the status quo, encourages big thinking and delivers business results through communications and marketing programs.

A seasoned PR strategist with nearly 20 years of proven success across multiple industries, Davenport builds great teams and develops talent. She sees challenges as opportunities and is the visionary behind Fannie Mae’s commitment to improved communications with its stakeholders. She is a member of Fannie Mae’s Management Committee and delivers value across the enterprise. Davenport exemplifies strong leadership, effective management, and business acumen.

As chief communications officer, she builds strategic initiatives that support corporate priorities, strengthen stakeholder relationships and define today’s Fannie Mae. For example, “Vision & Values” is a change management program that builds a broad direction for corporate priorities; identifies the required behaviors and corporate culture to achieve progress; and creates a unified change journey to engage all employees during a time of significant transformation.

Davenport spearheaded the development of the company’s vision and values, working closely with HR, the CEO and fellow members of the Management Committee. She then oversaw the development and execution of the rollout including communications, training, and accountability mechanisms designed to help employees deliver on Fannie Mae’s vision of becoming America’s most valued housing partner.

Just six months after the vision, values and behaviors launch, 98% of employees had heard of the efforts, 93% understood how they tied to business priorities and 84% understood how they needed to work differently. More importantly, employees felt that senior leaders were “walking the talk” and had noticed colleagues proactively aligning their actions to the behaviors.