Stories by Iris Dorbian


Investors Still Seeing Green

December 30th, 2008 by

Even while citing a down economy and concerns about the Earth’s ecosystem, business owners continue to be optimistic about giving to environmental causes, according to a survey released by SunTrust Bank Private Wealth Management. Notable… Continued

Preparing Executives for the Always-On World of Social Media Training

December 30th, 2008 by

With the emergence of social media, executives have to be ready to face cameras and microphones at all times when they are in public. It is not enough to be prepared for a face-to-face interview… Continued

Optimizing Your Press Release or Web Content

December 22nd, 2008 by

To widen your access and reach on the Web, it’s important to optimize press releases and online content for media. Here are a few surefire tips: •    Think upward and to the left •    Optimize… Continued

Best Practices for Writing Media Center Content

December 22nd, 2008 by

Following are a few guidelines that will help you write and shape content for your company’s newsroom or media center: •    Utilize a robust content management system; consider using blog publishing platforms as a content-management… Continued

How to Develop a Media-Friendly Web Site

December 22nd, 2008 by

Looking for ways to improve your relationship with the media? How about starting with your Web site. Following are a few tips offered by Open Books marketing/PR director Becca Keaty on how you can whip… Continued

Making Green by Going Green

December 22nd, 2008 by

The question of sustainable business practices’ actual contributions to bottom-line profits is oft-debated, but a new report released by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Cisco, HP, Qualcomm, SAS, Abbott and UTC makes a… Continued

Consumers More Brand Loyal to Companies that Do Good

December 17th, 2008 by

According to the second annual Edelman goodpurpose study, a majority of consumers are willing, even during an economic downturn, to change their brand loyalties to companies that do good as opposed to others. Also, the… Continued

How Cause Marketing Can Help Generate Publicity

December 15th, 2008 by

One sure-fire way to generate buzz for both your company or product/campaign is to align it with a cause. Following are some short tips for your review and edification: Pick your favorite non-profit organization and… Continued

Being Media Friendly: Four Takeaways

December 15th, 2008 by

For the Citigate Cunningham team that worked on keeping the SurfControl brand relevant and alive during its acquisition by Websense, there were several key lessons learned, much of which had to do with being media-friendly… Continued

Millennial Journalists Lead New Media Usage

December 15th, 2008 by

While journalists across all age groups are rapidly adopting social media tools, the greatest usage is shown to be among young “Millennial Generation” journalists (18-29 year-olds). Preliminary findings about these Millennial Generation journalists, shared by… Continued