Outside-the-Vault Thinking: Capital One Engages Customers by Talking About Purposeful Travel

[Editor’s Note:We enjoy hearing about innovative ways of communicating. In our November 2018 edition we featured a case study about a law firm, Kelley Kronenberg, whose award-winning recruiting videos featured casually dressed attorneys speaking about love and other non-lawyerly subjects. Along these lines is this month’s case study where a major bank, Capital One, attempts to communicate with customers about their passion for travel.
Scott StanzelManaging VP, Corporate CommunicationsCapital One

What’s a brand? It’s the products and services a company offers. And it’s the people who provide them. The brand also includes a company’s values and corporate culture. In addition, it’s the company’s logo, the colors, fonts and images it uses to communicate messages.

In short, a brand is everything and anything connected to the company. This, of course, includes ads, sponsorships and various forms of communication between the company and its customers. It also includes content the company would prefer to avoid. Take the case of Capital One Financial Corp.


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