Event Planner Mixes Smart Pitching, Personal Touch to Start Canadian Soccer Trade Show

The Set-Up
Most Americans’ knowledge about Canada is small. How many Americans know the number of provinces and territories that make up Canada? Even if Americans know there are 10 provinces and 3 territories, can we name them?

On the other hand, when you ask Americans about sports in Canada, they may think they are more knowledgeable. “Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Canada,” many will say.

Fewer are likely to know the origins of lacrosse also can be traced to Canada. Some undoubtedly will be aware that the Raptors of Toronto grabbed the National Basketball Association’s championship last month. By the way, Dr. James Naismith, who’s credited as the inventor of basketball, was Canadian.

Ask the average American about soccer in Canada and you may get a blank stare. That was the reaction of your editor, who likes to think he’s a rung above a casual sports fan.

In fact, by participation, soccer, not ice hockey, is the most popular sport in Canada (see chart).


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