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March 26th, 2001 by

Publicists have screamed that the sky is falling, but this week it’s true. As of press time, the 143-ton Russian space outpost Mir is scheduled to fall to Earth on Friday, March 23. Among capitalists… Continued

My Generation Targets Boomers

March 26th, 2001 by

PR Campaign Uses Focus Groups and Market Research AARP is not your grandmother’s trade association nor is it any longer that senior citizen group once known as the American Association of Retired Persons. That’s the… Continued

Tech Community: Prioritize Your PR Activity

March 26th, 2001 by

Nearly 100 technology industry insiders attended MonsterBuzz 2001 on March 20 at the historic Memorial Marines’ Club & Hotel at Union Square. Freelance writer Colin Berry reports the conference buzz from tech journalists and industry… Continued

New Economy PR: Tried & True or Tired & Blue?

March 26th, 2001 by

SAN FRANCISCO — Are journalists obligated to write the stories that companies feed them? Do CEOs fall victim to their own delusions? Where do PR pros fit in? Are they messengers to kill or oracles… Continued

PR ‘Bunnies’ Make Journalists Hopping Mad

March 26th, 2001 by

By Paul Shinoff One tech reporter calls them “bunnies,” the young PR staffers who bounce from pitch call to pitch call – to the annoyance of journalistic colleagues. Having spent some years in senior positions… Continued

The Hoof and Mouth Crisis…Could It Happen Here?

March 26th, 2001 by

Hill and Knowlton Vice Chairman Frank Mankiewicz returned last week from Europe-a hotbed of breaking news. In France and the U.K., health officials are working feverishly to contain hoof-and-mouth disease, an animal virus doing considerable… Continued

EarthLink Users not LOL at AOL

March 26th, 2001 by

America Online is dealing with a PR backlash this week after it mistakenly deleted hundreds of thousands of emails. The Dulles, VA-based Web company, according to EarthLink Director of Corporate Communications Arley Baker, blocked EarthLink… Continued

Worst of the Web

March 26th, 2001 by

When it comes to the dotcom shakeout, the bigger they are has nothing to do with how hard they fall. A new report from San Francisco-based firm Applied Communications investigates the most visible dotcom crashes… Continued

Some say RFD Limits Access to CEOs

March 26th, 2001 by

Regulation full disclosure is giving journalists unprecedented access to company information, but in an ironic twist, it may be making business leaders less accessible. In a panel discussion of finance leaders and journalists hosted last… Continued

Loose Lips Sink Ships … and PR Campaigns

March 19th, 2001 by

Most PR professionals are smart enough to realize that spreading sensitive client material can mean, at best, the end of a career and at worst, a federal indictment. Juanita Yvette Lozano, formerly an employee of… Continued