Can’t Tell a Story in 6 Seconds? You’re Not Trying


Tim Baker
Tim Baker

Video is decidedly the most engaging content on the Web. With that in mind, there are many challenges and opportunities at stake for PR pros looking to leverage the medium. Whether your brand is endemic to video content or not, you will likely need to incorporate video content into your digital strategy sooner or later.

Still, that philosophy leaves many unanswered questions. Tim Baker, vice president of digital strategy for MWW Group is constantly seeking answers to all the questions video poses. He will be speaking at PR News' Next Practices Annual Conference in San Francisco on Aug. 6 and will address the challenges and opportunities that video can offer. In the meantime he submits the following advice:

PR News: What’s the biggest challenge in creating brand-relevant content for the Web or mobile?

Tim Baker: There are many challenges depending on the size and means of the brand, but one of the biggest universal challenges is the ability to create content that is engaging and authentic that connects with the audience and makes them want to share without coming across as an advertisement.

PR News: Instagram recently rolled out a video feature. Should brands enter that space, and if they do what are some do's and don’ts as they proceed?

Baker: Brands should absolutely enter the Instagram video space as long as they have something meaningful to contribute. People don't want to follow a brand on Instagram to have ads pushed in their face, but if the brand can create content that is fresh and exciting, it's an immensely popular platform to take advantage of. They just need to remember to syndicate that content across their other channels or it will get buried like a tweet.

PR News: If you could offer one tip to a PR pro looking to leverage a video strategy for their brand, what would it be?

Baker: Make sure your video tells a story. You wouldn't put out a press release that didn't tell a story, so treat your video content the same way. Whether it's a six-second Vine, 15-second Instagram or two-minute video on YouTube, find a way to convey a message or headline that you want people to take away from it. Anyone that thinks you can't tell a story in six seconds just isn't trying hard enough.

Learn more about video content and ask Tim Baker the questions you want answered on August 6 in San Franscisco at  PR News' Next Practices Annual Conference.

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