X-Treme America

"Extreme" is officially in the running for this year's most overused adjective. A telephone survey of 1,000 adults sponsored by Burger King shows Howard Stern is the most
extreme personality (duh), heli-skiing is the most extreme sport and virtual reality is the most extreme technology. Experts say America's obsession with all things X indicates a
powerful trend toward niche interests. Good news for BK since its survey, not surprisingly, shows that fast food remains a popular niche. Fifty-five percent of respondents
confessed their favorite indulgence is a cheeseburger and fries. In response, the fast food chain is going - you guessed it - extreme with its aptly-dubbed X-Treme Double
Cheeseburger. The burger includes a half pound of meat, four slices of cheese and cheese sauce. Sounds like a recipe for an extreme bypass. (Kim Miller, Burger King, 305/378-