Why People Abandon Your Social Platforms

It’s considered an occupational hazard among PR and marketing executives: Blasting successive emails to audiences to make sure they see the content. Lather, rinse, repeat. But you may want to delete “occupational” from the equation and simply call repeated email blasts for what they are: a hazard to serving your audience, cultivating new relationships and enhancing your brand value.

Nearly one-third of consumers unsubscribe from emails due to overly frequent messages, according to a recent infographic produced by BuzzStream and Fractl.

So, if your email open rates are declining rapidly it may be high time to reevaluate both your email content and how often you distribute the same message. It’s a similar situation with people unsubscribing from brands’ social media accounts. People feel they receive too many emails containing boring content.

If you want to encourage people to read your email messages consistently and stay dedicated to your social channels, without bolting and never returning, the remedy seems fairly straightforward.

Less is more, don’t bombard your audience and never be boring. PRN



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