While Tactics May Differ, Strategies Remain The Same

In the heat of a crisis, it may be forgivable for PR
executives to think they are engaged in a life-and-death battle.
But for Joseph Sanchez, it was the real deal. Sanchez, a National
Guard member since 1994, returned to the United States in February
after serving for a year as the international and local
media-relations coordinator for Task Force Olympia, the command and
control center in northern Iraq. Sanchez now is back at his
civilian job, heading PR for industrial manufacturer Metropolitan
Industries (Romeoville, Ill.), where he worked before deploying
with the military following the Sept. 11 attacks. Sanchez now
shares some of his experiences on conducting PR and communications
amid such a hairy environment. Asked how his type of PR lessons
could possibly apply to marketing-communications professionals
stateside, Sanchez says, "You would be surprised."