What Twitter’s Leaked iPhone App Update Means for PR Pros

i0S 6, the newest mobile operating system from Apple due out this fall, promises to breathe new life into Apple devices, and will include Facebook integration and a completely revamped maps system. Additionally, a leak in the redesigned i0S 6 App Store, which will house all the iPhone's apps, has revealed details about Twitter's planned iPhone app updates. 

found leaked release notes for the next version of Twitter for iPhone in the i0S 6 App Store. Twitter for iPhone 4.3 will bring several new features focusing on interactivity, enhanced notifications and searching. PR pros are still likely handling most of their brand's Twitter activity from their computers and not from their phone, but these new features may help in managing their company's handle while on the go.

Here are five of the leaked release notes that are most relevant for communicators:

  1. "Special experience around events: We'll curate accounts and surface the best tweets and photos from those involved." This will likely occur around a hashtag, and will offer brands or individuals added exposure at events, provided they can compose tweets that are best in show. 

  2. "Push Notifications for Tweets: You can know immediately when selected people you follow have tweeted." For PR pros tracking influencers in their industries or journalists who use Twitter to source their stories, these notifications can help them be first on the scene with an @ reply.

  3. "Ambient Notifications: Enables you to see brief non-interruptive notifications in the status bar while you are using the app." For brand managers with large Twitter followings, being logged into your company Twitter account will likely become less intrusive.

  4. "Updated With New Twitter Bird:"  Twitter knows how to redo a logo with style. When it unveiled its latest logo in June, it created a 17-second video that highlighted the logo's creation. The redesign wasn't destined to garner page 1 media coverage, but its engaging video did get people's attention, showcasing the power of a well-made, short video.

  5. "Discover more interactive experiences inside any tweet: when you view tweet details containing links to partner Web site, you can now see content previews, view images, play videos and more."  Increasing Twitter's in-app multimedia capabilities means users won't have to launch Safari and wait for content to load there—a win-win for Twitter and its users.

The update's release date is still unknown, but if we had to guess, that information will break first on—where else—Twitter.

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