How to Write Effective Press Releases That Reporters Will Actually Read

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Join PR News for a webinar that will explore how to craft and deliver press releases that will not only draw a reporter’s attention, but also advance your brand’s communications strategy. You’ll learn how to create shareable, searchable releases and how to put them in front of the journalists who matter most in your market.

Well-written press releases continue to be a relevant and essential tool for telling your brand’s story and sharing it with the media and with anyone interested in your company or industry. In an era when newsrooms are short on resources and brands are becoming content producers, a well-crafted release can be an efficient and concise instrument for messaging that can raise the profile of your organization.

At this Webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Write strong press release headlines and leads that grab readers’ attention
  • Craft releases that answer the inevitable “so what” question
  • Simplify your language and avoid sales talk, industry jargon and vague or complex concepts
  • Use quotes effectively to enhance your story
  • Use SEO tactics to increase the searchability of your press release
  • Manage edits from clients and colleagues that can compromise the quality of your release
  • Include key supporting materials that does journalists’ job for them
  • Target the right journalists and editors for your company and industry
  • Tailor your releases for the right media outlets and audiences
  • Create effective press releases for highly regulated industries
  • Get coverage in the B2B media outlets that cover your industry
  • Develop a productive relationship with journalists and editors

Webinar Speakers

Jonathan Rick
The Jonathan Rick Group

Iris Shaffer
APCO Worldwide

Dick Wolfe
Senior Director of Corporate Communications

Richard Brownell
Group Content Manager
PR News

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Questions and Fees?

Registration Fee: $375 per site - CDs available for purchase

For questions regarding this Webinar, contact Rachel Scharmann at; 301-354-1713.

If you are having any technical difficulties or need assistance meeting these requirements, please contact our Technical Support Center at 1-866-709-8255 or click here.

Each registration comes with access to the archived version of the program, the materials provided by the speakers and a personalized certificate of completion for attending the Webinar.


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Why Should I Attend?

If you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas, you should attend this webcast:

  • Community Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crisis Management
  • Digital Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Philanthropy
  • PR Firms
  • Public Relations
  • Public Affairs
  • Research
  • Social Media

How Does the Webinar Work?

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Who Should Attend?

If you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas, you should attend this webcast:

  • Public Relations
  • Digital PR and Social Media
  • Community Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Communications
  • Video
  • Marketing Communications
  • Business Development
  • Public Affairs/Issues Management
  • Media Relations
  • SEO
  • Research and Analytics

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Webinar Questions

For questions regarding this webinar, contact:

Jessica Placencia

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If you are having technical difficulties or need assistance, please contact:

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