A Day in the Life of PR: 13 Quick Videos

a day in the life of pr

PR pros commonly say they love their jobs because no day is quite the same. A given day for a communications professional can include many different, exciting challenges—from handling media relations during a front-page crisis to implementing a new social media platform to coordinating the latest corporate sustainability initiative and everything in between.

With that idea in mind, PR News asked its community to produce and send us short videos detailing a day in the life of their PR team, or a day in the life of an individual PR pro. We showed what we deemed the best submission, from UPRAISE Marketing + PR, at our Digital PR Conference in Miami last week:

Take a look at some other notable videos we received below.

Do you have a day in the life of PR to share with us? All you need to do is upload your video (90 seconds or less) to www.hightail.com/u/accessintel. Be sure to include your name, organization and email so we can contact you. We'll share some of the best day in the life of PR videos with the PR News community.

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