Jay Z’s Best Tweets in His PR Defense of Tidal

jay z tidal

jay z tidalJay Z's new music streaming service, Tidal, is less than a month out from its official relaunch, but that hasn't stopped the critics from pouring on the negativity. Many have criticized the service for pampering already extremely wealthy artists, who are part owners. After reports surfaced that Jay Z had started personally calling Tidal subscribers to thank them for signing up and create some positive buzz for the company, BGR reported that Tidal had fallen out of the top 700 most downloaded apps on iTunes. At the same time, it was reported that Kanye West, one of Tidal's launch partners, had purged his Twitter account of tweets referencing the service. Tidal was deemed a flop.

Having had enough of the criticism, Jay Z put on his PR hat and took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to defend the Tidal brand and align it more closely with his influential personal brand. Let's take a look at some his best tweets in defense of Tidal:

For any company or organization being deluged by criticism, especially those that have just embarked on something new, having the CEO or top executive defend and rebuild the brand is the ideal situation. If the top executive is Jay Z, you've hit the media and audience relations jackpot. By taking to Twitter and directly responding to critics, Jay Z is showing that he and his company are not going to give up without a fight. In the cutthroat world of music entertainment, that tenacity may end up being Tidal's saving grace.

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