Lucky 13: Mobile Apps Every PR Pro Must Have

A superhero never leaves home without his or her most valuable tool. Captain America always had his shield. Batman had, well, everything. Wonder Woman had the lasso of truth. Over the course of the daily grind, PR pros may at times feel like superheroes. And even though communicators aren’t out saving the world, having a mobile device in hand at all times can provide that invincible feeling.

However, in that mobile device, it’s important to have the right apps. As PR pros are never really off, we here at PR News came up with 13 mobile apps every PR pro should possess.

AP Mobile : Want to know what’s hot in the news? The Associated Press news app is your one-stop app for instant coverage of any news around the world. 

Dropbox: Those files you have on your computer at the office? They can be shared and taken with you on the road with the Dropbox app. With 2GB of space, all of your documents can be right in your hand.

Evernote: One of the New York Times' “top 10 Must-Have" apps, Evernote allows users to take notes, photos, create to-do lists and record voice reminders – all of which are important to PR pros to stay on top of their daily schedule.

Facebook: With all the talk about Facebook engagement and using the social media giant to promote your brand, having the Facebook app is essential, especially if you’re responsible for managing your company’s page.

Free Wi-Fi Finder: Finding an Internet connection, especially a strong one, can be a hassle when faced with having to log on to get some work done when you’re out of the office.

Instagram: If your brand posts pictures to promote its products, having Instagram to share your visual content is an important tool to have. 

LinkedIn:  The professional networking app will provide quick info on a person’s work and educational background. Meeting a client over lunch for the first time? Knowing where they went to school could be a good conversation starter.

OpenTable: This app is essential if you need to make a last-minute reservation to discuss a campaign over a meal.

Pinterest: Pinning images is not just the province of food and fashion brands anymore. Brands of all kinds are finding ways to use Pinterest for their visual storytelling.

Pulse: The Pulse app brings all of your favorite blogs, magazines, social networks and newspapers in one place for free. 

Twitter: Do we need to explain this one? Every PR pro needs access to Twitter at all times.

Skype: When out of the office, there may be times where you need to sit in on a meeting back at the office, or have a one-on-one talk with a client. Having Skype on your smartphone provides the options to connect visually wherever you are. 

TripIt: If you’re on the go often, as a lot of PR pros are, the TripIt app will make travels easier. The app automatically puts all your trip details into one itinerary.

Are there apps you use that are not on the list? Let us know. 


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  • Lorraine

    RedLaser, Passbook and WebEx are helpful, too.

  • Marcus

    I actually clicked on this article to learn something new and innovative. All of these apps should be standard for PR people or otherwise. Have you looked at apps such as for live, interactive interfaces with audiences or for team collaboration? I’m sure you can be more creative :-)